Push Mower Buying Guide

Last Updated on December 18, 2023

Do you know push mowers are one of the best lawn maintenance solutions? Especially if you own an area less than 1 acre. But, the lawn size is not the only factor you need to consider while looking for a walk-behind mower. Let’s discuss all the other points in today’s lawn mower buying guide.

Push Mower Buying Guide

Push Mower

Every garden or lawn is different. However, you can choose a suitable model according to the given instructions.

  • Try an electric or cordless mower if you own a lawn smaller or equal to ¼ acre.
  • If you have a property measuring more than 1.4 acres, then go for a gas propelled mower. You can also choose an electric version, depending upon its power and availability of power outlets in the lawn.
  • In case the lawn covers an area of more than ½ acres than its recommended that you use a self-propelled model. You can also try an 80V cordless mower.
  • A riding-mower is suitable for lawns more than 1 acre.

Apart from the size of your lawn, you should also consider its landscape. A self-propelled mower with rear-wheel drive is perfect for uneven terrains. If there are many small obstacles in the garden, then you should try a version that comes with raised rear wheels.

Choose A Mower According To The Fuel Type

Manual Or Reel Mowers: Do you own a small lawn? Then, you can rely on a manual lawn mower, especially if the property is flat. Reel mowers do not need a power cable, battery or fuel because these tools use your physical strength to move.

Manual Or Reel Mowers

You can try a reel mower for garden measuring 1/3 acre or less. When you push such a machine, its set of knives rotates against a fixed blade and cuts the grasses. The cutting process is similar to scissors. it’s the reason why reel mowers offer smooth and fine cutting results when compared to the motor or engine-powered machines.

Reel Mowers

You will like the fact that reel mowers are harmless to the environment and never creates any noise to disturb others. Keep in mind that reel mowers with a small cutting width will take more time to cover your lawn. Also, these mowers are not suitable to deal with long grasses. So, we recommend regular mowing if own a small lawn and reel mower.

Petrol Push Mower: Walk-behind mowers powered by petrol has the power and portability to deal with lawns up to an acre. Most of these models come with a pull-start, but some of them are also equipped with an electric start. Mowers utilizing electric start-up comes with a pull-start as a backup.

Petrol Push Mower

We recommend you to read the manufacturer’s manual to know the right fuel. Maintain the mower after regular intervals to make sure the machine functions properly all its life.

Electric Push Mowers: Some of the modern cordless mowers are powerful enough to offer high-quality cutting results that you can compare with the petrol propelled versions. These variants start very easily and never emits harmful carbon gases.

Electric Push Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are generally available with Lithium-ion battery with different voltage levels. Higher voltage represents better power and greater battery output. Their charging time varies anywhere between 30 minutes to 7 hours, which completely depends upon the make and model.

Mains powered mowers don’t need any recharging, but they are restricted due to a connected power cable. So, you can enjoy unlimited runtime. However, cutting the grasses in a lawn with multiple trees and obstructions might be tough with a corded mower. Apart from that, a corded machine also needs a power extension box, especially if you cannot find an electric outlet near the lawn.



You can try any of the push mowers as per the requirements, but these machines are suited only for an area up to ½ acre. To deal with significant areas, you should go for a self-propelled mower. A grass cutting tool with self-propulsion is great when you need to go through hilly areas. Such a machine is also perfect if you want to maintain the lawn without much hard work.

You will find two types of self-propelled mowers in the UK market.

Forward wheel drive (FWD): These variants are suitable for rough terrains, but cannot deal with high inclines. You can easily tip up such a mower and turn around for convenient grass cutting.

Forward wheel drive

Rear wheel drive (RWD): Choosing a self-propelled mower with rear-wheel drive is beneficial if you need to cover some slopes and hilly terrains. Such variants are great for grass bagging and offer maximum traction to deal with all roads without any trouble.

Rear wheel drive

Maintaining A Push Mower

Yearly blade sharpening is required in all the mowers. Apart from that, reel mowers seek overall cleaning after each usage.


Gas propelled push mowers needs regular servicing wherein you need to replace their spark plug and air filter. You need to drain such a machine before storing it for winter.

Maintaining A Push Mower

Similarly, cordless mowers need battery replacement after a certain period; depending upon the make and model. The gas-operated tool with electric start also needs battery replacement as recommended by its manufacturer.


After reading all the above-mentioned tips, you can easily find one of the best push mowers for your lawn. Do not forget that regular mowing develops fine grasses, which eventually makes your garden look more beautiful.

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