Buying Guide Of A Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Last Updated on December 14, 2023

Providing lush-green foliage around concrete structures, the hedges now have become an integral part of landscaping for many residences, corporate offices and commercial complexes. However, these hedges require periodical maintenance to control their size, which includes trimming their overgrowth. You can maintain the hedges by removing dead, dried up, rotten and insect-infested portions.

All these tasks are mostly accomplished with the help of a long reach hedge trimmer. Naturally, the selection of hedge hammers requires judicious considerations based on their uses. There are 9-most important things that you must take into consideration while buying a long reach hedge trimmer.

Buying Guide Of A Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

There are 9 things to consider:

1. Good Balance Meets Control

This is one of the vital-most factors that you must take into account while selecting a long reach hedge trimmer. To control any hedge cutting equipment, you require good balance. Naturally, the handle plays the most crucial role in it. While buying a trimmer, please ensure that the handle is mounted just in the front of the engine.

2. Cutter Blade Length

You should also look out for the quality of the trimmer’s blade’s length. The blade is the primary component for any cutting job. Larger blades make the hedge trimming work easier as it helps you to cut the overgrowth quickly. A 45-cm blade is suitable for most of the medium-sized gardens.

3. Convenience

For an uninterrupted and smooth function of a long reach hedge trimmer, you must be very selective about its cutting head. For effective functioning, an incremental articulating head is of primary necessity to help you to angle the cut for trimming the tops of hedges. It is always advisable to buy an instrument that allows a full 180º range through 15º increments.

4. The Weight of the Machine

In selecting a long reach hedge trimmer, look at its weight. At the time of purchase, the machine will be without any fuel hence weighing less or appearing light. But on filling the fuel, it would be heavy. The weight of these machines depends upon make and model. The longer shafts and cutter heads add more weight. For easier handling, go for the machine with a dry weight less than 8kg.

5. Check Out Its Teeth Spacing

It is the teeth of the machine that chops off the hedges. Naturally, attention has to be paid on the teeth spacing of the long reach hedge trimmer that you are buying. If the gap between the cutter teeth is wide, it can cut the thicker hedges in a much easier way

6. Pay Attention to Its Vibration

The HAV-level (Hand Arm Vibration) must be considered while buying a pole hedge trimmer. The excessive vibration and the sounds it causes in the machine may cause not only safety hazards but also is unpleasant and uncomfortable when using the machine for longer durations. All manufacturers of such trimmers specify the vibration figure on the case of the machine. It is recommended that you buy one of the models that have an HAV level of below 5.0m/s². This is a good benchmark for vibration.

7. The Shaft Length

The length of the hedge trimmer shaft determines its reach. Therefore, the equipment you choose should be well-manageable. It must allow you to cut the hedges while you are standing on the ground. While buying, please ensure that it has at least 230cm in length.

8. The Engine Power

The performance and efficacy of your trimmer depend entirely on its machine. A robust machine helps you work much easier than a cheap variant. So, you should try to look for a durable, strong machine of good quality and brand.

9. Brand Matters

The life of a trimmer depends entirely on its build quality. So, you must consider a reputable brand long reach hedge trimmer for its effective functioning and long-term durability.


The long reach hedge trimmer should be well-manageable so that you can easily cut the hedges while standing on the ground. Ideally, a long reach hedge trimmer should be around 230cm in length.

With effective trimming, you can ensure the privacy of your property and also make it attractive for outsiders as well as other members of your family. So, what holds you back? Be a wise buyer and go for it!


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