Flymo 1200r Review (Best Robotic Lawnmower To Buy)

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

Robot lawnmowers are not in the mainstream because they are expensive. But, today’s Flymo 1200R review is about a robotic lawn mower that has an affordable price tag that might encourage you to make the switch. Before you invest in the product, know two things; Does it have the required features that suit your lawn? And Should you invest in it? Moving on to the same.


  • Well built
  • Leaves a fine finish
  • Excellent safety features
  • Works at a shallow noise level
  • Low running costs in the lost run
  • Needs minimal effort
  • The mulching feature is included, so you don’t have to deal with grass clippings.


  • Does not cut the grasses along the perimeter or fence
  • No roller for strips
  • Cannot handle long grasses.


Key Features of Flymo 1200r Robot Mower

1. Mowing Features

  • Coverage area. The Flymo 1200R is suitable for an area up to 400 m2. While it might be comparatively smaller than many other variants, but an average-sized garden is mostly around 250 or 300 m2 large. So, the lawnmower is an idle solution if you have a small or medium-sized garden.
  • Blade width. Flymo 1200R has a cutting path of 17 cm, which is narrow than manual mowers. It uses a spinning disc attached with three pivoting blades. These blades cut the grass clippings repeatedly before sending them back to the lawn.
  • Height adjustments between 20 to 50 mm. You can change the grass cutting length using a knop on top of the machine. The height range gives you the control to a large extent, but if a lawn has overgrown grasses, then its recommended to use a regular mower before deploying the 1200R.
  • Movement pattern. Flymo 1200R starts in a random mowing motion. It begins in one direction, once detects the perimeter wire or an obstacle, turns few degrees and moves in a different way Due to the random selection of pathways, the robotic mower leaves no grass on any of the areas of a lawn or track.
  • Terrain handling. 1200R moves on all the paths and terrains up to an inclination of 14 degrees. The mower tends to struggle on anything more than that.

2. Safety Features

Apart from maintaining your lawn, the 1200R also makes sure that its users are safe.

  • Life and tilt sensors. If the mower is lifted, there are sensors to stop the blades from spinning. The sensors will also work if the mower reaches a certain tile angle that the edges could injure anyone around. To be more cautious, there is also a significant stop button. To start the mower once again, you have to insert a pin. Even if you plug it back to the charging dock, it will restart in the regular mode.
  • Collision sensors. The Flymo mower has built-in collision sensors that protect the unit from obstacles. The robot grass cutter never avoids an object in its path, it merely runs into and only because of the bumpers; all it gets is a gentle stop. Then it automatically reverses, changes the direction to move on. However, the machine does not detect small obstacles like a water pipe. So, it’s recommended keeping the lawn area clean while you plan to use a robot mower.
  • Alarm system. For added protection, there is an alarm system in the mower. It goes off while the machine is being stolen or someone else is using it. The alarm will require a pin to get activated again.
  • Minimal noise. The robot mower works at a sound level of 58 dB. At such noise, you don’t have to worry about any hearing aids. So, enjoy the garden and use the mower without any limitations.
  • Protection from insects. There might be some areas in your lawn where you have noticed beehives, ant colonies, or any reptile. Using a regular lawnmower in any such space is risky. But, a robot mower has no such concerns. It’s a useful feature for users inclined towards apiculture.


  • Cut Quality. As we already discussed, the mower uses random motion to cover your lawn. So, it might leave some of the small areas in the park in the initial days, but eventually, it will include those, and you will get a neat and tidy garden.
  • Rough Terrain. The robot mower does well with slopes and inclined paths. Small bumps or hills are not much of a problem because once the machine bumps into any of them, it changes the way.
  • Mulching. You must know that Flymo 1200r is not only built to mow the lawns. It also has the mulching feature when you are in a mood to give back some nutrients to the yard.
  • Edges. Depending upon the dimensions of your lawn, there will be some of the uncut grasses along the fences. You can use a manual trimmer to remove them.


Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200r Review

Flymo 1200R is a mower for gadget-friendly users and people who don’t want to invest much time and energy on lawn maintenance. No matter who you are, but its performance will satisfy your needs. Let us talk about the features that make it one of the bestsellers in the UK market.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Powered by 18V 1.6 Ah lithium-ion batteries, the mower automatically reaches its docking station when required. For a full recharge, the mower needs one and a half hours. Once the machine is discharged, it will automatically reach the docking station and return to the mowing position once recharged. You should place the Flymo 1200R charging station, nearby its working area. So, that it can find the path easily.

Irregular Mowing Pattern: As the Flymo robot mower never follows a pre-decided pattern, you will not find any uncovered area in the lawn. Due to the mulching feature, this robotic mower can also add some nutrients back to the lawn.

Bump Sensors: These sensors redesign the pathway of Flymo 1200R because this machine never ends up in hurting itself or any other part of your lawn. As we already know, the mower will change its direction after any encounter with obstacles.

Programmable Schedule: Flymo 1200R allows you are to set the mowing time according to your convenience. You can set it to automatically cut the lawn grasses once the kids are gone to sleep or whatever time suits you the best.

Flymo 1200R Performance: Now we know all the features of Flymo 1200R, but how does it perform? Let’s discuss that well.

The Set-Up

Flymo robotic lawnmower setup is straightforward but takes some time because it needs a pegging with the supplied loop wire. Length of the cable is 150m that is sufficient to be on the perimeter of an area you need to be mowed. Either bury the wire or peg to the lawn surface. It has to be done once before you use the mower. All the instruction gives in the included manual is easy to follow. You can also find many helpful videos here. Once the robot mower is set, you do not have to use any other equipment to maintain a lawn or garden.

Settling into a Routine: The robot mower might face some issues like getting stuck along the perimeter of a lawn or dropping off the edges. These are common issues, and you need to adjust the perimeter wire to eliminate them.

Everyday Operation

After initial set up and settling time, you will not notice overgrown grasses in the lawn. Now, you have to power on the device, and it will automatically run over the park. Once discharged, it will return to the charging station to be ready for the next mowing session.

If you are mowing the lawn every day, the grasses will be forced to grow sideways. Hence, the park will have a dense, thick, and healthy grass layer. Moreover, the mulching function of the mower works well to cut greens into tiny pieces before sending them back to the lawn. So, you can add some extra moisture and nutrients to the garden as well.

Common Concerns


Always remember to remove the barriers from your lawn before you deploy the robot mower. Stones, toys, pipes and similar objects must be taken out of the lawn. If any of these substances are substantial, then the mower may topple or slide over them to stop because there will not be any traction between its wheels and ground. You also have to use the included clips so that the mower cannot chew its perimeter wire.


Flymo 1200R works well in the rain. However, its recommended disengaging the mower if the shower gets severe. Dew is another factor that you need to check. If you notice that the machine is struggling to cut the grasses due to morning moisture; change the schedule.


The Flymo robotic lawnmower works at a walking pace. So, it will not harm your kids or pets through collision. Bump sensors stop the machine once it has any contact. It also has the lift and tilt sensors that stop its blades if the machine ever topples.

Flymo 1200r Maintenance

Maintaining 1200R is easy.

  • Clean the undersides of the mower to remove any wet grass and give it a clean wipe. You can do this every week or after every mowing session.
  • Replace the blades after every 5 to 7 weeks, depending upon the usage. Nine spare blades are already included, which will last throughout the season.
  • The battery needs no maintenance, but its life is 2 to 4 years, which again depends upon the usage.

Flymo 1200R Review: Should You Buy it?

After knowing everything about Flymo 1200R, now you must be thinking; do I need it? Well, that depends upon two things; how much you value your free time? And how much you like to mow your lawn?

We have tested the Flymo robotic lawnmower, and it took care of a lawn more than 370m2 park in the best possible way. In other words, 1200R fulfil its worth by keeping your yard neat and attractive without your involvement in the process. So, it gives you extra time to do more enjoyable things. If you are an individual who only thinks about mowing the lawn, then actually doing it; later you can try Flymo 1200R to reveal some new grass beds in your yard.

Bottom Line

After reading the Flymo 1200R review, we hope that you understand that it delivers all the benefits that you can expect from a robotic lawnmower. The well-built robot mower comes with a sensible price tag. Moreover, you can use it in any weather, and there are many safety features to keep everyone and everything safe. Above all, it performs well with minimal effort from your side and leaves the lawn well maintained, healthy and attractive.

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