Best Ride On Lawn Mower 2024 UK Reviews (Cheap Riding Lawnmower)

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

If you worry about the stress involved in mowing your large lawn with a push mower, you may need to upgrade to a ride-on lawn mower. The physical effort, as well as time required to cover a vast terrain, are enough reasons to consider an upgrade.

Ride-on mowers reduce the stress involved in mowing because they have larger mowing decks when compared to push mowers. They can cover a more extensive terrain in a short time, giving your lawn a perfect touch.

However, getting the best ride-on lawn mower for a large garden requires a lot of research which will take your time.  Since the majority of them don’t come cheap, it is essential for you to carry out enough research before making a purchase. You wouldn’t want to overlook anything so that an ideal product that will meet your expectations is purchased.

As a result of this, we have carried out sufficient and meticulous research to discover the best ride-on lawn mowers in the UK. In coming up with this list, we have considered so many things, including power, engine size, deck size, overall performance, to mention but few.

We believe that these ride-on lawn mower reviews will go a long way in assisting you to make a perfect choice. They will suit your needs, and you don’t need to break the bank before getting any of them.

Best Riding Lawn Mower UK 2024

1.Lawn-King 60 sde  [Top Pick] 196cc
6.Lawn-king RC125 382cc
2.Castelgarden XE 866 B190cc
3.Lawn-king 60RD196cc
4.Castel Garden XDC140344cc
5.Alpina BT66Q224cc
7.Castelgarden XE966HDB223cc
8.Alpina BT84HCB 344cc
9.Castel Garden XDC170HD500cc
10.MTD Density 145 Smart 500cc

Best Ride On Mowers UK Reviews

You will find below the top 10 products we have identified as ideal for mowing your lawn. They are carefully selected through the thorough effort of our researchers so that you won’t spend too much time researching on your own.

1. Lawn-king 60 SDE- Best Ride on mower UK

2. Lawn king 60 sde 60 centimetre 24 cut ride on lawnmower


  • Engine capacity: 196cc
  • Turning radius: 46cm
  • Weight: 111kg
  • Dimension: 157 x 98 x 112 cm
  • Cutting width: 60cm.

Our Review

Truly the king of the lawn, the Lawn-king 60 sde 60 centimeter/24″ cut ride-on lawnmower is an amazing machine to get. It is fortified with rich features that make mowing of large areas a child’s play and you will get a close result to using a lawn tractor. This is the best Rideon mower under £1500 and also a cheap ride on mower in UK.

The Lawn-king ride-on mower comes with a Transmatic transmission having 6 various drive settings. This will enable you to change gears with ease when working with the machine.

Its step-through frame is a plus while there are no pedals and switches that will get in your way when working. You will be able to get on and off easily while your safety is guaranteed.

It is compactly designed meaning that you can manoeuvre it with ease in order to get the best result. A small turning radius of 46cm makes working on difficult gardens easier with this small ride-on lawn mower. You can buy this best cheap riding lawn mower.


  • Transmatic transmission having 6 various drive settings for gear changing on the move.
  • Side discharge machine perfect for lawns as well as rough grass terrain.
  • Powerful 196cc single cylinder engine with an electric start.
  • Step-through frame for getting on and off safely and easily.
  • Fully assembled for instant use after purchase.


  • Not capable of grass collection.

2. Lawn-king RC125 76cm/30in Cut 7. Lawn king RC125 76cm30in Cut Ride on Lawnmower


  • Engine Capacity: 382cc
  • Cutting width: 76cm
  • Grass box capacity: 200 litres.

Our Review

The Lawn-king RC125 76cm/30in Cut Ride-on Lawnmower comes with great features that make it stand out. It can collect or discharge grass in accordance to your desire.

Its strong 382cc single-cylinder engine with an electric start is a plus making it easier for you to mow with precision. With a small turning radius, you can easily mow around flower beds and bushes. If you are finding the best ride on mower under £2000, you can choose it for you.

In addition, there are headlights which enable you to work when it is dark. The seat is adjustable and a step-through frame makes getting on and off easier.

It also comes with tow hitch so that you can attach things to the machine. You can start using it immediately as it is fully assembled for your convenience.


  • Dynamic 382cc single-cylinder engine with an electric start.
  • 5-position adjustable height between 30mm and 95mm for flexible operation.
  • Large grass bag of 200 liters giving more control over the job.
  • The large cutting width of 76cm for fast mowing of large areas.
  • Side discharge machine ideal for lawns and rough grass terrain.


  • Not ideal for very difficult terrain.


3. Castelgarden Ride-on Mower Review (XE 866 B)

3. Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride on mower


  • Engine Capacity: 190cc
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Dimension: 183 x 70 x 101 cm
  • Cutting width: 66cm.

Our Review

The Castelgarden XE 866 B Ride-on mower is one of the best electric ride-on mower uk you can lay your hands on. It comes with a single cutting blade while the cutting deck is 66cm long and can be set in 6 various heights between 30mm and 80mm.

Powered by the dynamic Briggs & Stratton 875 Series 190 cc E.S. engine, this electric ride-on lawn mower is the perfect machine that will handle difficult areas in your garden. You will love its attractive and compact design which makes maneuvering easier.

With an electric key start and geared transmission, this is surely a product to get for your large lawn. Its large 150-liter grass collector is a plus because you can work for a long time before thinking about evacuation. It is another one of the great ride on lawn mowers. 


  • 6 adjustable cutting heights between 30mm and 80mm to conform to grass height.
  • Briggs & Stratton 875 Series 190 cc E.S. engine for achieving the desired result.
  • Single cutting blade for perfect lawn finish.
  • Attractive design and very easy to maneuver.
  • Easy to store due to its compact size.


  • The spindles are made of aluminium, not cast iron.


4. Lawn-king 60RD Ride-on Lawnmower

4. Lawn king 60RD 60cm24in Cut Ride on Lawnmower


  • Engine capacity: 196cc
  • Grass collector capacity: 150 liters
  • Cutting width: 60cm.

Our Review

This is another product of high quality from the king of the lawn. The Lawn-king 60RD 60cm/24in Cut Ride-on Lawnmower is a versatile product that can be trusted.

This cheap ride-on lawn mower is powered by a dynamic MTD 196cc engine and that is why you can mow difficult terrains without much hassle. It has the ability to discharge, collect and mulch the clippings of your grass so that your desired result will be achieved.

If your garden does not allow easy use of tractor due to bushes, flowerbeds and other obstacles, this is the perfect product to go for. It is compactly designed so that it can reach those difficult areas and fit through incapacious gateways.

What’s more, its gearless Transmatic transmission ensures that change of speed is possible by pressing the foot pedal. You will love the grass collector capacity of 150 liters and a step-through frame which make this machine the perfect one for your lawn.


  • Powered by a strong MTD 196cc engine for easy mowing of difficult terrains.
  • Can collect, discharge or mulch grass clippings for getting the desired result.
  • 6-speed transmission with a foot pedal for easy operation.
  • Powerful 196cc single-cylinder engine with an electric start.
  • Easy to store after use due to its compact size.


  • Not ideal for too big a garden.


5. Castel Garden XDC140 Ride On Mower

5. Castel Garden XDC140 84cm33 Cut Rear Discharge Ride On Mower


  • Engine Capacity: 344cc
  • Cutting width: 84cm
  • Grass box capacity: 240 liters.

Our Review

The Castel Garden XDC140 84cm/33 Cut Rear Discharge Ride-On Mower is an ideal machine that can handle a garden of up to 3500 square meters.  It comes with a strong

344 cc Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 3130 AVS engine meaning that it is reliable.

Also, it comes with a cutting deck of 84cm with anti-scalp wheels for effective mowing. You can adjust it to 7 cutting heights between 25mm and 80mm so that your desired cut will be realized.

Besides, you will love its soft-grip steering wheel and a comfortable seat so that your work will be carried out with ease. There is also a LED dashboard for monitoring vital parameters of the job.

This machine is flexible as you can collect the grass with the 240-litre grass box or insert the mulching plug to put on the mulching function. You can’t get it wrong with this product.


  • 7 various cutting height adjustments between 25mm and
  • 80mm with electromagnetic blade action.
  • Strong 344cc Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 3130 AVS engine for mowing to precision.
  • Comfortable seat and soft grip steering wheel for convenience when mowing.
  • Dashboard with LED for monitoring working specifications.
  • The cutting width of 84cm with anti-scalp wheels.


  • Not suitable for very tough terrains.


6. Castelgarden XE966HDB Ride on Mower

8. Castelgarden XE966HDB Hydrostatic Ride on Mower


  • Grass collector capacity: 150 litres
  • Weight: 129kg
  • Engine Capacity: 223cc
  • Cutting width: 66cm
  • Dimension: 183 x 73 x 105 cm.

 Our Review

The Castelgarden XE966HDB Hydrostatic Ride on Mower Powered by Briggs & Stratton is a powerful machine with a class. It features a strong Briggs & Stratton 950 Series 223cc E.S. engine so that you can have the best mowing experience.

With a single blade and a cutting deck of 66cm, you can mow your lawn with ease. The cutting deck can be adjusted to 6 various heights between 25mm and 80mm so that you can work in accordance with grass height on your lawn for a perfect result.

It can fit small gateways due to its compact design and you can store it easily and effortlessly when not in use. You will also love its large grass collector of 150 liters making your work a piece of cake.


  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton 950 Series 223cc E.S. engine.
  • Hydrostatic drive for cool and easy ride.
  • Large grass collector of 150 liters making your work as easier as you desire.
  • The cutting width of 66cm making coverage of more ground very easy.
  • Small dimension for easy compatibility with your gateway.


  • Spindles made of aluminum, not cast iron.


7. Alpina BT84HCB Drive Ride on Mower

9. Alpina BT84HCB Hydrostatic Drive Ride on Mower


  • Engine Capacity: 344cc
  • Cutting width: 84cm
  • Grass collector capacity: 200 liters.

Our Review

If you desire a product that will not disappoint at all times, you should try the Alpina BT84HCB 84cm/33 Cut Hydrostatic Drive Ride-on Mower. It comes with an 84cm double-blade cutting deck that has 7 adjustable heights which can be engaged with an electromagnetic clutch.

Energized by the 344 cc Briggs & Stratton engine with pedal driven hydrostatic transmission, this is certainly the machine to get for your lawn. You will also love its ergonomic steering and the 200-liter grass collector.

You can work at any time, even at night, since it comes with exceptional headlights. It can be used to mow an area of up to 3200 square metres for the most satisfactory results.


  • Hydrostatic drive for the best mowing experience.
  • Features a Briggs & Stratton 344cc Engine with rear discharge.
  • The large cutting width of 84cm enabling you to achieve more in less time.
  • Grass box of 200 liters for efficient delivery.
  • Fully assembled for instant use after purchase.


  • Not suitable for very large areas.


8. Castel Garden XDC170HD Ride-on Mower

10. Castel Garden XDC170HD 98cm38.5 Rear Discharge Ride on Mower


  • Engine Capacity: 500cc
  • Cutting width: 98cm
  • Grass collector capacity: 240 litres.

Our Review

The Castel Garden XDC170HD 98cm/38.5″ Rear Discharge Ride-on Mower is all you need if you want better lawn maintenance. It is powered by a solid Briggs & Stratton 500cc Engine for the best cutting experience.

It can handle a lawn that is up to 4000 square meters giving you a perfect result. It is pedal-operated with the hydrostatic transmission so that it will be easy for you to use.

A cutting deck of 98cm with anti-scalp wheels make this machine perfect for difficult terrains. Its cutting height can be adjusted to 7 positions between 25mm and 80 mm enhancing flexibility of use.


  • Fortified with a Briggs & Stratton 500cc Engine for effective mowing.
  • Hydrostatic drive for the best mowing experience.
  • The large cutting width of 98cm allows you to achieve more in less time.
  • Grass box capacity of 240 liters for a perfect delivery.
  • Fully assembled for instant use after purchase.


  • Spindles made of aluminum.


9. Alpina BT66Q Ride On Mower

6. Alpina BT98HCK 98cm38.5 Cut Powered by a Kawasaki Engine


  • Engine Capacity: 224cc
  • Cutting width: 66cm
  • Grass box capacity: 150 liters.

Our Review

The Alpina BT66Q 66cm/26 Cut Geared Rear Discharge Ride-On Mower is your best bet when access remains the issue. With a cutting width of 66cm, this is the perfect product to consider for the size. This Alpina BT66Q ride on mower is one of the top rated ride on mowers in the UK market.

Running on a solid 224cc engine and a grass box of 150 liters, this is surely the perfect product for your lawn. It can discharge from the rear and can be adjusted to discharge from the side.

It has been fully assembled meaning that you can put it to use after purchase without worrying about assembling. You will get a lush lawn that will delight you at all times.


  • Powered by 224cc engine for efficient work on your garden.
  • Rear and side discharge for flexibility of operations.
  • Large grass box of 150 liters enabling you to cover more grounds with ease.
  • The cutting width of 66cm meaning more work can be done in a short time.
  • Fully assembled for instant use after purchase.


  • Spindles made of aluminum.


10. MTD Density 145 Smart 13 Ride On Mower

MTD Density 145 Smart 13 CM765G600 Ride On Mowers


  • Power: 9100 watts
  • Weight: 226kg
  • Engine Capacity: 500cc
  • Cutting width: 107cm
  • Dimension: 200 x 116 x 97 cm.

Our Review

The MTD Density 145 Smart 13 CM765G600 Lawnmower Ride-On Mower is the perfect machine for maintaining your large garden. It comes with flexible side discharging and mulching capabilities. This lawn mower ride on is one of the most popular ride on lawn mowers in UK.

Powered by the solid Briggs & Stratton 500cc engine with a gearless Transmatic transmission. With 6 forward as well as 6 reverse settings, you can choose gear on the move with ease. You will also love its step-through frame which makes getting on and off easier.

Furthermore, this machine comes with a floating offset deck having anti-scalp wheels so that deprivation of the grass surface is prevented. You will also be enabled to mow close to edges as well as difficult areas in your garden.

You can mow at night, thanks to the state-of-the-art headlights, and add a deck wash nozzle so that cleaning the machine will be as easy as ABC. Mowing around flower beds and bushes is easy and safe with a little turning radius of 46cm. It is the best ride on mower UK under £2000.


  • Gearless transmatic transmission with 6 forward and 6 reverse settings for a smooth ride.
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton 500cc engine for perfect mowing experience.
  • Anti-scalp wheels for preventing damage to the surface of the grass.
  • Changeable cutting height adjustment for a perfect finish.
  • Step-through frame for getting on and off easily.


  • It is a heavy machine.

Buying Guide of Ride on Lawn Mower

If you need a new lawnmower, it can be a daunting task to know what features it should contain.   Don’t worry, though. In this article, we have all your worries covered. Read through this Buying Guide of Ride-on Lawn Mower to get information on essential features to consider when purchasing the best mower and as well as answers to questions frequently asked by customers.

Important Features to Consider the Best Ride on Lawnmower

1. Cutting Width

Generally, the cutting width in ride lawn mowers estimates how wide a swath of grass he entire tool cuts in a single pass. For smaller lawnmowers, the cutting edge goes as low as 30 inches. On the other hand, larger mowers exhibit a cutting width of 50 inches or more.

When you want to buy a lawnmower its essential to the size of your yard, if your yard is big enough, you need to go for lawn mower that is big enough which will ensure it maintain a cutting edge of 50 inches and at the same time cut a vast area in a day.

2. Manual or hydrostatic transmission?

A lawnmower with the hydrostatic transmission is more comfortable to operate compared to a manual lawn. Working with a manual lawn mower means you must stop the tractor every time you initiate a gear change. On the contrary, a hydrostatic transmission lawn mower offers seamless adjustments during driving with no need of stoppage during a gear change.

All said and done, a lawnmower with the hydrostatic transmission is the best. Hydrostatic transmission systems in lawn mower are classified into two. We have the system with the pedal-operated transmission, where we have two separate pedals controlling direction and speed for both ahead and backwards. The other option is lever-operated hydrostat. This option has the lever on the fender, making it easy to access from the drivers’ seat. The two possibilities, however, work almost similar.

3. Engine size

When buying a riding lawn mower, you need to consider the horsepower and the torque you require in the engine. This is especially you intend to use the mower for other functions apart from cutting grass. Additionally, depending on the size of your yard and the nature of grass you intend to cut, the size of your lawn mower engine is very significant.

4. Adjustable Height

A right lawnmower needs to have ability to e adjusted to fit in all grass yard areas. The ability of a lawnmower to be adjusted is to help it manoeuvre across hilly grass yards and areas with trees. Other benefits of buying a lawnmower with adjustable height are to help change the cutting height of the blades.

5. Collector or Side-ejection

Cutting grass with a mower and then loitering around the whole yard collecting the grass sometimes can be disguising. You, therefore, need to buy a mower with an ability to cut and manage grass as well.

If your grass garden is large enough, you need to go for a lawnmower strong enough to cut and collect all grasses. The stronger the lawn, the neat and tidy looking the yard will be after grass cutting.

6. Power

Lawnmower power comes from various sources depending on the natures of it. Mostly, we have electric-powered mowers, gas, battery, and fuel. Electric-powered mowers are stronger and offer superior cutting quality work. Additionally, you will not have to worry about power shortcomings that come with battery-powered mowers.

Even though electric-powered lawnmowers work perfectly well, we have fuel-powered lawnmowers. They work the same and are more reliable when electric power is off. Therefore, your taste takes effect between the two mowers.

7. Safety

Injuries associated with lawnmowers have continued to increase over time. Mostly they result from objects picked up and thrown by the mower blades in the course of its work and end up hitting the driver. Along tall grass yards, we have hidden materials which the mower driver can’t see unclear he or she drive over them, and most of them can cause injuries.

For safety measures, a right lawnmower, especially those used in cutting tall grass, should be fitted with grass to cover the driver from an incoming object. The driver also needs to wear protective gears such as closed shoes and goggle glasses.

8. Comfort

A right ride-on lawnmower to offer the driver with support during driving and work regardless of the nature of the grass yard. To get the best mower check that the driver’s seat is at the centre which helps in proper distribution of gravity and ensures stability during grass cutting.

 Frequently Ask Questions.

1.  What size lawn needs a riding mower?

There is no official recommended size lawn for the riding mowers. In as much you would want to make work easier and fast; you can use a lawnmower in whatever size of a grass yard you have.

2. How long can you expect a riding lawn mower to last?

On average, riding lawn mowers can last about eight to ten years when properly maintained and given proper care. A lawn poorly maintained usually last about two and a half year.

3. What is the best riding mower for 1 acre?

Lawnmowers best suited for one-acre grassland varies from model to models. The best we have is the Troy- Bilt 382cc, the Poulan Pros z242f which is a gas-powered mower and the Husqvarna Z242F. Other are lawns such as the Ariens 915223 IKON-X and the Husqvarna Z253 ZERO turn lawn.

4. Does a 1/2 acre need a riding mower?

A yard of grass that is ½ acre is way too large and therefore needs a riding mower. Pushing a mower across ½ acre distance can exhaust you entirely and end up on shoddy work. Consequently, you need a riding mower with a seat and probably a gas-powered model can serve you well.

5. Does a zero-turn cut better than a lawn tractor?

Zero-turn are the most common in grass cutting but rarely eliminate trimming. Notably, they leave much grass for trimming purpose compared to a standard grass tractor. We can’t, therefore, say the zero-turn cut is better than lawn tractors.

6. How long does it take to mow an acre with a riding mower?

Many people question how much work a mower can perform in a day. The longer it takes to mow a grass yard depends on the mower speed, the blade sharpness, and the drivers’ skills. A typical mower such as 60 inches WB moving at 3.3mph can mow one acre of rough turf grass in 27 minutes. Such a speed translates to an average of 13 acres in 8 hours of a regular working day.

Ride on Lawn Mower and Zero Turn Lawn Mower

One of the greatest inventions in the recent past for lawn care and landscaping is the zero turn lawn mower. These machines allow for a quicker cut time and easy manoeuvrability due to an ingenious design. A zero-turn mower uses the rear wheels to turn instead of the front, making them a great departure from the traditional riding lawn mowers.

How does this happen? Usually, each wheel of a zero-turn mower is connected to a hydrostatic transmission, a fancy name for a system that uses fluid pressure to restrict and accelerate the turning of a wheel. If one wheel is restricted from moving and the other is accelerated, essentially, the mower turns “on a dime.” These mowers are quite similar to bulldozers, though instead of a set of two tracks they use two wheels. Comparisons are also made to military tanks, and some commercial zero-turn mowers are not far from military-grade.

“The Zero Turn Lawn Mower brought us with it many changes to the mower industry, it is one of the greatest inventions of mower makers.”
Zero-turn mowers are now utilized by everyone from the typical suburbanite to the professional golf course groomer. They come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. It is almost assured that if you are in the market for a new zero turn mower you will find one that meets your budget, needs, and expectations.

Several popular models are made by Cub Cadet, Sears Craftsman, Simplicity, Snapper, Husqvarna, and Ariens. These zero point mowers range from about £1000-£7000, depending on options, and most offer 18 horsepower motors, a 40-50 inch cutting deck, a 2-3 year warranty, and ground speeds up to seven miles per hour.

Whatever zero turn mower that piques your interest, be warned that you may never return to the tradition riding lawnmower. More and more people are moving over to the zero turn side, without regret or desire to go back.

Bottom Line

It is very essential for you to analyze the features of the ride-on lawn mower you want to buy. This will help you to know what you are buying since you will be making use of it every season.

There are lots of complex products in today’s world with amazing features and integrated cutting-edge technology. It is your responsibility to analyze them properly and come up with the one that will serve your purpose.

We strongly assure you that the 10 products reviewed above are up to standard. If you purchase any of them, you will not be making a wrong investment because there were carefully selected.


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