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Are Mountfield Mowers Any Good

Mountfield manufactures some of the best lawnmowers in the UK. The brand works constantly to innovate and develop user-friendly mowing tools. They have released multiple high quality models in recent times, including the 2L0481023/MC and HP41. Let’s discuss more this establishment so that you can understand whether it’s worth your investment or you will try […]

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Are Hyundai Lawn Mowers Any Good

Are you planning to purchase a Hyundai mower in the upcoming season? But, are Hyundai lawn mowers good enough? Well, we will discuss the same here. Hyundai has a wide range of mowers available. Plus, the price tag of its products hugely varies according to the available features. Here, we will discuss both electric and […]

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How Do Reel Lawn Mowers Work

No one enjoys a loud lawnmower engine, especially in the morning. We prefer birdsong instead. It’s obvious because there was a time when garden maintenance did not involve gas engines and electric motors. Manual reel or push mowers were the only options in the initial days. Also known as cylinder mowers, such tools are easy […]

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Are Robot Mowers Any Good?

Some of the users still look at a robotic mower as an unusual thing. And we can understand the feeling because switching to automated mowers is not an easy task for everyone. However, some leading brands can attract you to automated models. One of those companies is Robomow, which can construct high-quality robot mowers with […]

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Frisky Fox PLUS 20 Petrol Lawn Mower 2021

Frisky Fox PLUS 20 is a rare combination of power and practicality. The powerful lawn maintenance machine can deal with high-end tasks, but never creates much noise about it. So, the mower is equally suitable for residential lawn tasks as well. Then, it has multiple useful features that deserve attention if you are looking for […]

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What Causes a 2 Stroke Engine To Smoke

All the 2 stroke engine generates some amount of smoke and it’s an unavoidable part. Such engines are more powerful than their 4-stroke counterparts, which is great. It’s a different story altogether. But, here we will discuss what causes a 2 stroke engine to smoke? You can also use the information to check whether the […]

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