Are Mountfield Mowers Any Good

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Mountfield manufactures some of the best lawnmowers in the UK. The brand works constantly to innovate and develop user-friendly mowing tools. They have released multiple high quality models in recent times, including the 2L0481023/MC and HP41. Let’s discuss more this establishment so that you can understand whether it’s worth your investment or you will try other brands.

Are Mountfield Mowers Any Good


Mountfield has been active since 1962, which means it’s been around for more than fifty years now. The brand introduced their first rotary mower in Maidenhead. All the Mountfield mowers use the latest technology and come with excellent features that make your lawn maintenance sessions convenient and efficient. Plus, the brand’s models come in an attractive red and black combination, which looks great when you cut the grasses.

Mountfield Mowers Good

How to buy the right Mountfield mower?

You can buy a Mountfield mower according to your budget, lawn size and other requirements. It’s one of the best points because this brand has the most competitive prices when it comes to petrol propelled or electric mowers. So, most homeowners prefer this brand over others.

Lawn size: Pick a mower depending upon the size of your lawn. For instance, HP41 comes with a cutting width of 39 cm that’s perfect for small to medium lawns. But, things might be different if you own a significant piece of land because you will need something like 2L0481023/MC, which comes with a deck size of 46 cm.

Mower type: Petrol propelled mowers are more powerful than their electric variants. So, you can try such a model for large lawns or thick grasses. But, if you don’t have time for its maintenance or if you hate noise, then try an electric variant. For instance, Princess 34 is one of the best electric mowers manufactured by Mountfield.

Terrain: If your lawn is flat, then you can try a walk-behind mower. But, if the terrain varies on your property, then we suggest that you try a self-propelled or riding mower depending upon the size of your lawn.

Cutting length: Know the length of grasses you are trying to mow, especially if you want to vary their height according to the season. Mountfield mowers come with a wide range of cutting heights, which depends upon the make and model. For instance, 2L0481023/MC HP185 has 6 cutting heights that are useful when you want to grow the grass or cut them short.

Mulch plug: Do you want to provide organic fertilizers to your lawn grasses? Mountfield offers a wide range of mowers that come with a mulch plug. Such a machine cuts and recuts the grasses into tiny pieces and sends them back to the soil bed. These clippings will decompose and dissolve to return some of the essential nutrients to the soil, which ensures that the grass lives a long and healthy life.

Best Mountfield lawn mowers

mountfield petrol lawnmower

Mountfield 2L0481023/MC HP185: Powered by a 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine, the 2L0481023/MC is an excellent mower for medium to large sized gardens. Its 46 cm cutting width takes less time and covers more area to save your precious time. Plus, there is a 60-litre grass collection box, so that you don’t have to take multiple trips to the disposal ground.

Mountfield Princess 34: With a 1400W electric motor, Princess 34 is designed to offer a superb finish on small to medium sized lawns. It has a cutting width of 34 cm and a rear roller, which is perfect if you love the classic stripes on your lawn. The mowing tool also has a mulching plug that prepares organic fertilizers and keeps your lawn attractive as well as healthy.

Mountfield Princess 34Li: The third recommendation is a lightweight cordless mower that comes with a 34 cm cutting width. It draws all the power from a 48v 2Ah battery. Apart from that, this version has a 35 liter grass collection bag and 6 cutting heights between 25 to 75mm. So, this model is suitable if you own a small to medium sized garden.

Final talk

Now you can understand that Mountfield manufactures high quality mowers of all lawn sizes and hence, the brand is worth your investment. All their gardening tools are stylish, durable and are available at a reasonable cost. So, we have suggested some of the best mowers by Mountfield. Try any one of them depending upon your requirements.


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