Are Robot Mowers Any Good?

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

Some of the users still look at a robotic mower as an unusual thing. And we can understand the feeling because switching to automated mowers is not an easy task for everyone. However, some leading brands can attract you to automated models. One of those companies is Robomow, which can construct high-quality robot mowers with abilities to replace human-operated variants.

Here, we will discuss some of the top features of Robomow mowers and what they have to offer. We will also mention the pros and cons of using a mower manufactured by Robomow.

Are Robot Mowers Any Good?

Top Features of Robot Mowers


Automatic mowing: Obviously, it’s the primary advantage of a robotic mower. Any of the Robomow mowers operate automatically. So, you simply need to set, configure and forget it. Yes, you need to follow some of the initial steps to get the machine. But, after that everything is automated.

Boundary restrictions: Almost all the Robomow mowers cut in a random pattern, but they are contained by a perimeter wire. So, once the machine hits the boundary, it will retract the movement. You can set up the wires above the ground using stakes. Plus, you can also bury the wire 6 inches deep below the soil.

Charging time: The battery recharging duration depends upon the Robomow model, but it varies anywhere between 60 to 180 minutes. For instance, RT300 takes 180 minutes for a full recharge, but RK1000 recharges within 60 to 120 minutes. Once 100 per cent recharged, RT300 can cover an area of 300 m2 and RK1000 can cover 1000 m2. The battery lasts for at least 3 years and you need to change it afterwards. However, the replacement time depends upon the model.


Advantages of Robomow Mowers

Time-saving: Once ready, a Robomow mower save a lot of your time. It can work multiple times without any interference. So, you will get a manicured garden without any sweat or petrol refilling.

Low sound levels: An automated mowing machine works without making any noise. So, you can let the tool work at night and it will not any of your family members or neighbours.

Eco-friendly: Air and noise pollution are some of the major problems in today’s world. However, Robomow models work differently. None of these mowers contributes to air pollution. Plus, you will save a lot on fuel purchases.

Weatherproof: Robomow mowers are created to deal with all the working conditions. So, you don’t have to worry or stop the mowing process if it’s raining.

Safety features: There are multiple security and safety features in all the Robomow mowers. These machines have a theft control system to prevent unauthorized access. The child lock system is another excellent protective feature. Plus, these tools have an onboard sensor that works in combination with bumpers to avoid obstructions like garden furniture, rocks, trees and other obstacles.

Warranty: All the Robomow comes with a warranty of at least 2 years. The duration changes according to the model. For instance, RT300 has a warranty of 2 years, while RS625 pro comes with a coverage of 3 years.


Disadvantages of Robotic Mowers

Time-taking installation: Setting up the perimeter wire is an intensive process that needs a lot of time. No matter you are using stakes to place the wire or you are burying it, be ready to invest a couple of hours at least. You cannot avoid the initial setup because it’s crucial for the mower’s functionality. However, a Robomow mower deserves your time and efforts.

Charging base prone to water damage: You might be surprised, but the charging base is not waterproof. It means that you cannot leave this component under the open sky. Don’t get confused because the mower is weatherproof. So, keep the charging base inside your garage or garden shed.

Budget: A starting price tag of €799 is not feasible for all users. You can get a high-quality walk-behind or self-propelled mower within €450. However, these machines cannot work independently.

Final talk

Overall, we think that Robomow is one of the best robotic mower manufacturers. The brand has options for lawn sizes between 300 to 5000 m². You can try RT300 for lawns up to 300 m², for an area of 700 m², you can select RT700 and so on. Pick any of the models and you will find features worth your investment.

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