Buying Guide Of Garden Vacs And Blowers

Last Updated on December 14, 2023

Clearing fallen leaves in your garden is very essential since they have the capability of influencing the health of your lawn negatively. Garden vacs and leaf blowers are indispensable if you really want to get rid of these leaves. A lot of models come with both blow and vacuum functions so that it will be easier to get the best result. Many vacuum models have shredding functions that will turn fallen leaves as well as small twigs into manure.

Buying Guide Of Garden Vacs And Blowers

Before buying a garden vacuum and leaf blower, you need to put so many things into consideration. The size of your garden matters as it determines the type of machine to go for. You need to be sure of the amount of power and noise you can handle. The weight of the machine is also important because it determines your level of comfort during operations.

Types of Garden Vacuums and Leaf Blowers

There are many types of garden vacs and leaf blowers in the market right now. Your expectations and pocket-size will determine the right one for you.

Handheld Electric Leaf Blowers

Handheld Electric Leaf Blowers

These are the simplest form of leaf blowers, and they help in clearing areas with the aid of a powerful jet of air. They have the capacity of blowing leaves into heaps so that you can get rid of them or transfer them into a compost bin.

Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless Leaf Blowers

These leaf blower types offer freedom with their cordless technology. Many brands and models use the reliable lithium-ion battery to power these machines. Usually, they are easy to start, make less noise, and lightweight. Some models can be as powerful as a petrol engine, and their batteries are easy to charge with adequate runtime. You can get a product with a runtime of about 2 hours with about 30 minutes charging time.

Handheld Petrol Leaf blowers

Handheld petrol leaf blowers

Handheld petrol leaf blowers are more powerful than their cordless or corded counterparts. They can produce airflow of up to 350 cubic feet per minute, which helps in enhancing results.

Garden Vacuums and Blowers – 2-in-1

These are 2-in-1 machines with the capability of blowing debris into heaps before sucking into a container attached to the machine. During the sucking process, there is the shredding of leaves so that you can use them as manure. The leaves are turned into fine waste material, which decomposes quickly due to its large surface area meaning that bacteria and air can work on it effectively.

There are blower-vacs with one-touch switches for effective changing from one mode to another. The more powerful models come with interchangeable pipes so that you can change from blow mode to vacuum mode without using a tool.

Backpack Blowers

Backpack Blowers

Usually, backpack blowers come with a petrol engine. There are cordless models but they are in the minority. Backpack blowers are very effective for clearing leaves and debris in a large garden. You will have to mount the engine on your back, and that is why you can carry it for a long time without getting tired quickly. Their engine is very powerful, hence, achieving the best result is a stroll in the park.

Wheeled Petrol Leaf Vacuums

If your lawn is very large, you will need a wheeled petrol leaf vacuum. You can use it for clearing debris on hard surfaces and grass areas. There are many brands and models in the market presently with plush features that will boost your garden maintenance task.

Lawn Sweepers

You can push or tow a lawn sweeper. It comes with large brushes that orbit when the wheels turn for effective sweeping of debris into the built-in collector. If the sweeper spins faster, the brush will rotate faster so that there will be enhanced efficiency. Sweepers are perfect for clearing a very large lawn, and this will be done in good time. However, you should not expect them to gather threadlike grass clippings due to their design.


Garden vacs and leaf blowers have a great role to play in successful garden maintenance. However, getting the right product in today’s busy world is not a piece of cake. You can check out our reviews so that you will be properly guided to make the right decision.


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