Which is Better Petrol or Electric Lawn Mower

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

The weekend is perfect to maintain your lawn. Isn’t it? But, the activity used to be smoky and noisy because of a petrol lawnmower. Today, things are different as you have a wide range of mowers to choose from. Corded and cordless models are serious competitors in the market, which raises an important question; which is better petrol or electric lawn mower?

A decade back, electric mowers were not capable and efficient enough to draw your attention. But, their design, performance, and capacity have greatly improved over time. People prefer electric machines for a small yard, lawn, or garden. Such tools are also suitable for homeowners living in busy neighbourhood. Let’s discuss more these two versions.

Which is Better Petrol or Electric Lawn Mower

Carbon emission

Petrol engines make negative impacts on our environment. On the contrary, electric models are comparatively eco-friendly than fuel-dependent variants. Zero carbon emission is the primary reason why electric models are popular among users who care about mother nature. Plus, there are no irritating smells when you are cutting the grasses. According to a study, a working petrol mower releases the same amount of gasses into our atmosphere as a car trip worth 100 miles.

Sound levels

In addition to the air pollution, you need to consider noise pollution as well. Powering up a petrol engine early in the morning will annoy all your neighbours. On the other hand, electric mowers work without making much noise. This means you can use such a machine anytime in the day or night. The quiet operation of electric mowers is not irritating for you. Plus, it will not disturb your family members and neighbours.


When we talk about power, the petrol version overshadows its electric variants. Robust engines mean high torque and better cutting performance. So, if you own a large garden with long grasses, then try one of the best petrol mowers. These models can deal with thick grasses as well.


A mains powered mower needs to be connected with an electrical plug and you have to drag its cable around. Plus, you have to be careful while mowing. Otherwise, the blade will cut the power cord.

If you choose a battery-dependent version, then you need to charge its cell before mowing the lawn. If you have a medium or large-sized lawn, the runtime might not be sufficient to cut all the grasses. So, you need to purchase spare batteries. In petrol engines, you have to check the fuel level and refill it whenever required.


All the lawnmowers need maintenance, but petrol mowers need more of that when compared to their electric counterparts. Periodic engine cleaning, oil replacement, air filter changes, spark plug replacement are some of the common steps you need to follow in the case of a petrol model. On the contrary, electric variants are less demanding.

Petrol vs electric mower – how to choose?

Size of the lawn: You need long runtime to cover a large lawn, which is easy to understand. But, an electric mower cannot deal with a significant garden. If you are using a corded model, then the cable might not be able to cover more than 20 meters even if you include an extension box.

Cordless models need a recharge after every 15 to 40 minutes depending upon the make and model. But, the situation differs if you own petrol propelled lawn tool. So, electric mowers are suitable if you own a property within 800 m2. Anything more than this size needs a petrol version.

Power: As we discussed, petrol mowers are more powerful than their electric colleagues. But, do you need to extra punch? If you are a homeowner who owns a small or medium-sized garden, then you can try a corded or cordless version.
If you need a powerful tool for commercial purposes, then petrol-propelled machines are undoubtedly the best. These models are more powerful, which means they can offer more efficient cutting results.

Final talk

We hope that this post has given you enough information to help you make the right decision; whether you need a petrol or electric mower. As you can understand, there are advantages and disadvantages of both electric and petrol mowers. So, you need to choose one of them according to your lawn size and other requirements.

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