Is an Electric Chainsaw Worth the Money?

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

An electric chainsaw makes your work easy when it’s time to cut lots of twigs or trim trees around the yard to keep it in shape. It is also a convenient tool when you need to slice many pieces of wood into smaller chunks.

Although a handsaw can as well do the trick, it will leave you weary and with little to show. That defines why most woodworkers opt for an electric chainsaw to get their wood-cutting tasks done.

Gas Chainsaw Risks

The invention of the electrical chainsaw has made woodworkers’ life easy and soo much rewarding. If the thoughts of whether to buy one or not have kept you awake, we are here to help you make a good decision and explain in detail why this tool is worth the bucks.

Is an Electric Chainsaw Worth the Money?

Gas Versus Electric Powered Chainsaw

Today the market is flooding with all types of chainsaws you can ever think of. Each is displaying its functionality, size, and technology. Until recently, gas chainsaws were the best option if you needed an intense wood-cutting job done. They are also known to offer a longer run time, more power, speed, and a selection of bar lengths.

Gas Chainsaw Risks

Although it is a decent tool, it has some downsides too. These are heavy and sometimes frustrating to start the motor with the pull cord. They are noisy and produce toxic fumes into the air, which can cause serious health complications when inhaled.

Pros of Electric Chainsaw and Why it is Worth the Money

Electric chainsaws are economical and have optimum safety standards. They are environmentally friendly and do not produce toxic substances into the surrounding.

Operation costs are at a minimum because you don’t need to keep refilling some gas. You only need to plug in a cord to an electric socket, and you get the ball rolling. If noise is a problem to you, this tool is not as loud as its gas-powered counterpart.

Starting the tool is as simple as pressing the start button, unlike the gas saw where you may need to pull the cord severally before registering success.

Electric Chainsaw and Why it is Worth the Money

It is not heavy, and you can easily carry it around from one work area to another and control it better.

Maintenance is easy. You need to lubricate the chain with oil and start your work immediately. That is the main maintenance practice you will need to do.

You will not need to worry about the materials hitting you back in the occurrence of kickback. The safety chain lessens the chances of the teeth biting on the wood and flying at you. Since it is not very powerful, the impact or intensity of a kickback is lowered.

Availability of various sizes makes it possible for anyone irrespective of experience to use them effectively.

Setbacks of an Electric Chainsaw

Unlike the battery and gas/petrol-powered chainsaws, where you can move freely, how far you can go with an electric chainsaw is dependent on the length of the electrical cable you have.

Electric chainsaws will not generate much power as gas power saws do. You may still need to get a gas chainsaw for more significant projects. Still, you can slice huge chunks of wood using the electric chainsaw.

Setbacks of an Electric Chainsaw

With this tool, you get to save some bucks on gas and escape toxic fumes, but on the other side, you can’t get to work unless you have a cord to help you connect to a power source as you work.

The only alternative is acquiring a generator or using a chainsaw with batteries as the source of power. Note that using batteries is not good for big projects because they drain quickly and have a short run time.

Electric chainsaws are good for the job intended. Primarily, not for very big projects far from a power source.

Though not as gas-powered chainsaws, they produce a considerable measure of power.

Wrap up

Evolvement in technology has been observed on electrical chain saws. Their versatility and durability make them fit for any task, including cutting hardwood logs or even lighter tasks like trimming overgrown branches around your home.

An electric chain saw wins, not forgetting its ease of handling, less maintenance costs, lightweight, and outstanding, environmentally friendly motor performance.


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