Best Petrol Chainsaw UK Reviews 2024

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Can you imagine how stressful cutting down trees would be without chain saws? The amount of work involved in wielding an axe is next to nothing. That is why given a choice most people would choose the best petrol chain saw to fell a tree.

But how can you get the chainsaw you need? If it would have been as straightforward as it seems, then you most likely wouldn’t be here.

Buying Guide of Best Petrol Chainsaw UK

Now that you know which the best petrol chainsaws UK are, let’s look at some of the features you should consider before buying. Knowing the best isn’t enough to enable you to get the best possible deal, which is why you need to look out for the below.


The weight of the chainsaw will dictate the power to weight ratio of the chainsaw. A higher ratio will mean the weight doesn’t get in the way of the chainsaw’s power and that it can handle medium to heavy-duty cutting jobs.

If you are to buy chainsaw UK you need to consider the weight before buying it.


The handle plays a significant role in how comfortable using the chainsaw will be. Most of the chainsaws we have discussed here have comfortable ergonomic handles that will enable you to work with the saw for hours without excess hand fatigue.

The handle should also have an anti-vibration system that will protect your hands from the chainsaws vibration when using it. Such a handle will mean you can work for more extended periods without the additional fatigue from the machine’s vibration.


If you want to buy petrol chainsaw you should ask yourself how safe it is? When using a chainsaw, things can get out of hand fast. The chain might fall off at high speed and harm you. It is for that reason you need to select a chainsaw with the appropriate safety features.

Safety features will include a kickback safety mechanism that will protect you from harm by the machine’s kickback. The handle should also be comfortable enough to reduce hand fatigue and any injuries from handling the machine.

A safe machine will help avoid accidents whenever you use it.

Ease of Use

The ideal petrol chainsaw shouldn’t be hard to use. That means it should have a simple design and features that make it straightforward to use. The chainsaws we have on your list have side-mounted chain tensioners that aim to make it easier for you to adjust them.

You don’t want to buy a chainsaw that will give you a hard time using it, as that can be quite frustrating.

Bar Length

The bar length refers to the length of the chain and cutting blade. The longer the blade, the more efficient it will be. Some chainsaws will come with longer chains and other short ones.

You should look for a chainsaw that has a standard chain length. It will not only be efficient, but it will also be fast. That is why you have to consider the length of the bar before buying any chainsaw.


The chainsaw is a machine and, as such, will have an engine. Like with vehicles, a more powerful engine will mean more powerful performance. That is why you need to consider the engine before buying.

It should provide you with powerful performance but be slow on fuel consumption. It also should be lower emissions to make the chainsaw an environment-friendly machine.


Are petrol chainsaws better than electric?

Petrol chain saws are more powerful and durable than their electric counterparts. They are also easier to use. While electric chainsaws will be quieter and produce no fumes, they can’t match the petrol chainsaws power.

However, the one you choose will depend on what you think is the ideal chainsaw for you. They both have their advantages, but the petrol chainsaw will offer you more benefits than an electric one.

Why won’t my petrol chainsaw start?

There are several reasons why a petrol chainsaw would fail to start. For starters, it could be that it has depleted its fuel reserves which means you should check the fuel tank and confirm if the fuel is sufficient.

It also could mean there are issues with the primer and choke that fail to start the machine. You can refer to the user manual to see how to fix the problem or take it to a specialist and have it repaired.

Why does my chainsaw get stuck?

Your chainsaw might get stuck when you are cutting an overly thick log of wood. You can prevent that by making cuts on the top of the log before making another cut on the underside.

That will reduce the thickness the saw has to go through, preventing it from getting stuck.

Fortunately, we understand the complexities that come with such decisions. Our petrol chainsaw reviews will help you make a faster decision.

That is why we have come up with a list of the best chainsaws on the market to make it an easier decision for you.

Let’s dive in.

Best Petrol Chainsaw 2024

Product NameEngineBar Size
Einhell PC 1335 [Top Pick] 41cc35 cm
Parkerbrand62cc50 cm
Hyundai HYC622062cc50 cm
Husqvarna 13540 cm
Mcculloch CS 42S42 cc40 cm
Einhell 1335 I1.3 Kw33.5 cm
Husqvarna HUSQ12038.2 cc35 cm
P1PE P6220C62 cc50 cm
Hyundai 62cc62 cc50 cm
BU-KO 62cc26 cc25 cm

Best Petrol Chainsaws UK Reviews

1. Einhell GC-PC 1335 TC Best Petrol Chainsaw UK

Einhell GC-PC 1335 TC 41 cc Tooless Petrol Chain Saw


If you’re looking for the best petrol chainsaw for the money, there isn’t much better you can do than choose the Einhell. Why do we say that? Because the Einhell petrol chainsaw isn’t your average chainsaw.

It packs several features that will delight you by making your work easier and faster. For starters, it comes with a cutting speed of 21m/s. That’s because of the 14-inch Oregon bar it is equipped with.

This chainsaw is easy to start thanks to the 41cc 2-stroke petrol motor. The added automatic choke and primer feature further enhances the starting of the chainsaw. You can have it ready to start cutting in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve never used a chainsaw before and are worried that this chainsaw will be hard for you to use, you needn’t have such fears. The Einhell features a tool-less chain tensioning that is easy to set up.

Furthermore, to enhance your grip of the chainsaw as you use it, it has a handguard as well as an anti-vibration system. You can thus comfortably use it to cut without the fear of hand fatigue afterwards.

In addition to the anti-vibration system, it also has an ergonomic design that aims to make you as comfortable as possible while using it. You thus won’t have to worry too much about discomfort when working.

Adding to its ease of use is the quick-stop. All you need to stop it is place pressure on the finger guard, and the chain will stop moving in seconds. That will help respond to emergencies faster.

The automatic lubrication also ensures that the cutter rail and chain are always in good working condition.


  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to use
  • It has an anti-vibration system for more comfortable operation
  • Automatic lubrication keeps the cutter rail and the chain in peak condition
  • The 41cc motor is easy to start and stop.


  • At times it tends to have issues starting.


2. Parkerbrand 62cc Cheap Petrol Chainsaw 



The Parkerbrand petrol chainsaw prides itself on a powerful 62cc engine that will provide you with capable performance and give you value for your money. The engine is 2-stroke, air-cooled, and is housed in lightweight construction, making it one of the best

The lightweight construction means you won’t feel the weight of this chainsaw as you work. That will reduce hand fatigue that tends to come up when you use chainsaws for extended periods. The ergonomic design also means it won’t be that uncomfortable to handle.

With the high-grade blades, the Parkerbrand engine will provide you with smooth and quick cuts on various wood types. The automatic chain lubrication system further enhances the trouble-free performance you will want with any machine.

In addition to the ergonomic design, the Parkerbrand also features an anti-vibrate design that ensures you won’t feel weary after a long day of work. Together with the fast-breaking chain saw, this machine is comfortable to use.

On purchase of this chainsaw, you will get a user’s guide to make it easier to assemble. Not that it would have been that hard as you can put it together relatively easily and fast.

Another thing you will love about this petrol chain saw is that it is safe to use. That’s because it has both the EU-II and GS certification. You, therefore, needn’t worry about it malfunctioning on you and causing you bodily harm

You will also get a free carry bag and a bar cover when you purchase this machine. The carry bag will come in handy whenever you need to travel long distances to work with the chainsaw.


  • It has a lightweight construction that makes it comfortable to use
  • The 2-stroke engine provides powerful performance
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The Parkerbrand chainsaw is safe to use.


  • The chain tends to blunt relatively fast.


3. Hyundai HYC6220 62cc Petrol Chainsaw

Hyundai HYC6220 62 cc Petrol Chainsaw


If you thought Hyundai is only good at making cars, think again. Because as it turns out, it can also make rather powerful petrol chainsaws. This one boasts a 62cc engine that enables you to make faster and cleaner cuts on most wood types.

The engine has a decompression valve that makes it easy to cold start this chainsaw. It also features Euro 2 vision technology that makes the chainsaw a hard worker. That means it will be ideal for the most demanding cutting jobs,

It is a sound environmental choice because it will consume less fuel while offering you dependable performance. It is also low on emissions which means that you won’t have to worry about environmental degradation.

This chainsaw weight is a paltry 6.7kgs which makes its weight to power ratio lower. That means you can work for more extended work sessions without worrying about hand fatigue common with other heavier chainsaws.

In addition to the negligible weight to power ratio, it also features an anti-vibrating system. Often vibrations make using a chainsaw for long quite challenging. With this chainsaw, however, you can work for hours without any such problems.

In addition to that, the Hyundai petrol chainsaw is also quite easy to use. It has a relatively simple chain tensioner mechanism on the side, together with an automatic chain lubrication system. That means you can consistently get top performance.

To make the Hyundai chainsaw easy to store, it comes with a bar cover that will cover the chain’s teeth for easier storage. The large carry bag comes in handy whenever you need to move from place to place with ease.


  • The carry bag makes it easy to transport
  • Anti Vibration system makes it comfortable to use
  • The Hyundai chainsaw is relatively easy to use
  • It is lightweight to make work easier and more comfortable.


  • The manual doesn’t do much to help someone assemble it.


4. Husqvarna 135 Petrol Chainsaw

Husqvarna 135 Petrol Chainsaw


The Husqvarna is another petrol chainsaw that will guarantee you superb performance while drastically cutting back on fuel emissions. In addition to reducing emissions, the Husqvarna is also quite fuel-efficient. You won’t need too much fuel to use it.

With an X-Torque engine, it guarantees you superior cutting speeds and smoother cuts. The primer and the stop switch make it easy to start. It will only take you a few minutes to have it ready to cut.

You will also appreciate the way the Husqvarna is low maintenance. That adds to the easy assembly that doesn’t need any tools.  Most of us would love a machine that doesn’t come with too many maintenance costs.

The ease of use ranks high with any machine. This machine is lightweight and has a simple design. That not only makes it easy to use, it also means that you won’t have to experience excessive hand fatigue after prolonged work sessions.

Also, the handle is ergonomic and has soft inserts that make it as comfortable as possible to use. It is also asymmetrical to make for a comfortable grip. This further reduces hand fatigue when you are cutting various types of wood.

It also comes with an air injection centrifugal air cleaning mechanism that reduces wear and tear. The mechanism also enables you to operate the machine for longer hours without any hitches.

Another thing you will love is how easy it is to remove the air filter. You can easily remove and clean the air filter to improve the performance of the petrol chainsaw.


  • The handle is asymmetrical to allow a comfortable grip
  • It has a lightweight design to reduce hand fatigue
  • The engine is fuel-efficient and low on emissions
  • It is low maintenance.


  • The sword length could have done with some lengthening.


5. Mcculloch CS 42S Petrol Chainsaw

Mcculloch CS 42S Petrol Chainsaw


If you’re looking for one of the best all-round petrol chainsaws, then this is the one. It has a powerful easy to start 42cc engine that is easy on fuel and down on the emissions. That makes it a relatively environment-friendly option.

Despite the ox power engine, it is low on emissions, it still is powerful enough to enable you to trim branches, cut wood and cut firewood. The Mcculloch has a superb weight to power ratio, which means you can go for long sessions without getting tired.

It comes with a centrifugal air cleaning system that ensures the air entering the chainsaw is as clean as possible to prevent debris in the air from damaging the air filter. That enhances the lifespan of the filter and also reduces the number of times you clean it.

The Mcculloch also has a soft start system that ensures you save much time starting it. That means you can have it ready for work in just a few minutes. The soft-start reduces resistance in the starter cord for easier starting.

Kickbacks are always a cause for concern when you are using a chainsaw. They might put your safety at risk. That is why this chainsaw comes with a double activated chain brake.

Another thing you will love with this saw is the comfortable grip the handle has. The ergonomic handle ensures you don’t feel the chainsaw’s weight in your hands as you work. It thus reduces hand fatigue, enabling you to work for longer.


  • The handle has a comfortable grip for more extended work sessions
  • Its powerful engine is low on emissions and fuel-efficient
  • The soft-start system ensures easier starting
  • It has an efficient centrifugal air cleaning system.


  • The chain tends to be flimsy and can’t cut hardwood.


6. Einhell GC-PC 1335 I TC Best Budget Chainsaw

Einhell GC-PC 1335 I Tc Petrol Chainsaw


The Einhell chainsaw doesn’t differ much from its softer on our list, with both of them boasting superior and smooth cutting performance. This chainsaw petrol saw varies from the first Einhell in our list in the chain’s length, 33.5 cm.

That, however, doesn’t mean it won’t give you the performance the other Einhell will. The quality Oregon chain ensures you will cut wood and trim branches with ease.

It has an engine that starts quickly enough, saving you time whenever you want to get ready for a job. That’s because of the choke and primer that reduce the difficulty the engine faces in starting faster.

One thing you will love with this chainsaw is that it is easy to use. You won’t need any tools to add tension or change the chainsaws chain. It also has a quick stop feature for emergencies.

Pressing the fingerguard will stop the chainsaw immediately before any bad situation gets out of hand. The chain catch also adds to the safety by ensuring the chain doesn’t snap off the chainsaw and into the air.

You will also love the comfortable ergonomic handle that ensures long work sessions do not leave you with achy hands. It also has a robust claw that acts as a fulcrum on which the cutting hinges.

Overall, this is a decent chainsaw for lightweight cutting at home, making it the best budget chainsaw. If you’re looking for a cheap petrol chainsaw it will be a good option. The engine is efficient and won’t give you too much trouble starting. It is also low on emissions making it an environmental friendly chainsaw.


  • Easy start engine thanks to the choke and primer
  • It limits emissions and is fuel-efficient
  • The engine is powerful and easy to start
  • It is relatively easy to use thanks to a simple design and features.


  • Putting the chain together is challenging.


7. Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II Petrol Chainsaw

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 14 38.2cc Petrol Chainsaw


This is yet another entrant from Husqvarna that will guarantee you superior cutting performance. It features a 14ich bar and a two-stroke engine that enables it to provide you with the powerful performance typical of all Husqvarna machines.

The main distinguishing feature from earlier Husqvarna models is that this one comes with a new carburettor that allows you to start the engine easily. The choke control will enable you to quickly start it while keeping the engine from flooding.

It also features heavy engine upgrades that enhance its durability. That’s in part due to the addition of new bearings, a new piston ring and new bearing mounts that will ensure it lasts for a long time.

The 38cc engine is a low emission engine that guarantees you fuel savings. It is fuel-efficient and consumes less to do a substantial amount of cutting of various types of wood.

It comes with an air injection feature that reduces wear and tear and increases the time between using it and cleaning the air filter. The air injection feature keeps the air cleaner so the air filter doesn’t have to struggle to filter debris in the air.

Another thing you will love with this cheap petrol chainsaw is that it is safe to use. It has a relatively low kickback which will increase your safety as you use it. The inertia chain brake also adds a layer of protection to the user by stopping the chain in case of an accident.

This machine will offer you comfortable working with the low weight to power ratio. It also features a comfortable handle that enables you to work for longer sessions without hand fatigue.


  • Low weight to power ratio for more comfortable operation
  • It has a powerful two-stroke engine that reduces emissions
  • Topnotch safety thanks to the inertia brake and low kickback feature
  • Heavy engine upgrades to ensure durability.


  • It doesn’t work that well for heavy-duty cutting.


8. P1PE P6220C 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

P1PE P6220C 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw


Next is the P1PE petrol chainsaw that features a two-stroke 622cc Hyundai engine. It features a powerful 62cc two-stroke engine that provides it with powerful performance that will enable you to do light to medium weight cutting.

The20 inch bar and chain enable it to nearly any type of cutting. You can use it for either cutting down small trees and large ones.

It weighs only 6.9 kg. That lowers the power to weight ratio, enabling you to use it for longer without developing hand fatigue. The lightweight nature also makes it easier to transport.

In addition to that, it also comes with a carry bag to enable you to carry it from place to place. The P1PE is also relatively easy to use, and you can use it for both professional and private use.

It has a tension adjustment system on the side that makes adjusting the chain faster and straightforward. Additionally, it also has automatic lubrication to keep the chain in good working condition and reduce downtime.

The ergonomic handles are comfortable for use even with extended work sessions. They also have anti-vibration technology that reduces hand fatigue when you work for longer work sessions.

This best professional chainsaw will also last you some time since it has two chains that you can interchange with time. It is also safe to use thanks to the anti-kickback safety mechanisms.

With the soft recoil system, it will be easier for you to start this machine. It will thus save you a tone of time since you can have it ready to start working in a matter of minutes.


  • The soft recoil system makes it easy to start
  • Ergonomic handles with anti-vibrate technology make it easy to use
  • It has a side-mounted tensioner system
  • Lightweight nature for easier transport.


  • The chain brake system is rather hard to disengage.


9. Hyundai 62cc Petrol Chainsaw 

Hyundai 62cc Petrol Chainsaw


This is one of the latest model petrol chainsaws of 2021, and the top grade features say it. It comes with a powerful two-stroke 62cc engine that provides the power to fell trees and trims branches.

It will provide you with relatively effortless sawing thanks to the easy start system. The Hyundai has a soft pull and easy start system that will make it effortless to start and have it ready for work.

This petrol chain saw also has a superior design that will make you enjoy using it. In addition to that, it is also safe to use thanks to the kickback systems that ensure any kickbacks won’t harm you.

Also, three Hyundai comes with a 20-inch bar and inch two chains. That means you can use it for longer, thanks to the replaceable chains. The automatic lubrication system keeps the chain in good working condition.

Automatic lubrication also reduces downtime, ensuring your work is always continuing. You can use it for extended periods of work thanks to the lightweight make that makes it have impressive power to weight ratio

In addition to the power ratio, it also has a comfortable grip handle that makes it comfortable to use. The ergonomic handle means you can work for long without hand fatigue.

When you are not tuning it or need to move from place to place, the carry bag will come in handy. The carry bag will also help you to easily store it when it isn’t in use.


  • It is easy to use, especially with the side-mounted chain tensioner
  • The anti-kickback system prevents any harm from kickback
  • It comes with a carry bag for easier storage and transport
  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use even for prolonged work times.


  • It has a lower cutting capacity and wouldn’t be ideal for heavy-duty cutting.


10. BU-KO 26cc Lightweight Small Petrol Chainsaw

BU-KO 62cc Petrol Chainsaw


If you are looking to buy petrol chainsaw this machine should also be on your list. It is the Bu-Ko petrol chainsaw, which is a small petrol chainsaw. It features a 26cc two-stroke engine and a 10-inch bar, and three chains.

To reduce air debris from entering the chainsaw and wreaking havoc, it has a heavy-duty air filter. The filter filters all of the debris out of the air enabling the chainsaw to work without much downtime.

What will surprise you about this chainsaw is the weight. It is only 3.5 kg in weight. That makes it easily manoeuvrable and, therefore, easier to use. The lightweight nature belies its cutting capacity of about 210mm diameter of trees.

The engine, in addition to being powerful, also ensures lower fuel emissions. That makes the chainsaw an environment-friendly option.

Another thing you will love with this chainsaw is safety. It has a reliable safety chain brake that ensures you can avoid any accidents when using it. The chain has a chain adjustment system to ensure it is easier to use.

The Bu-ko also has an anti-vibrate mechanism that reduces hand fatigue even if you use it for extended periods. The front and back handles have an ergonomic design that makes the chainsaw more comfortable to use.

When storing it, the cover bag will come in handy. The blade guard will ensure the blade is in good working condition even when you don’t use it for long. Overall, this would be a decent petrol chainsaw to buy thanks to the excellent features it has.




  • It is easy to operate thanks to the simple design
  • The two-stroke 26cc engine has low emissions
  • It is lightweight and thus easy to use
  • This petrol chainsaw comes with three chains so you can use it for longer.


  • The chain bars will need greasing almost as soon as you purchase the chainsaw.


Final Thoughts

If you were looking for the best petrol chainsaw, we hope our review of the ten best helps shorten your search. Remember to consider the features we have discussed here to get the best desk possible.

Look at the durability and ease of use in the chainsaw before you buy. It should also be safe to use to prevent any accidents. With our guide, you will be sure to know how to identify the best chainsaw.

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