Best Jet Washers UK Reviews 2024

Last Updated on December 11, 2023

What is the easiest way to achieve a sparkling car? Get a garden hose, brush, and start scrubbing the vehicles for hours. Or you can purchase the best jet washer UK. We will suggest that you go for the latter because jet washing devices boast the latest technology to offer efficient cleaning results.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer For you?

What is your preferred fuel type?

Generally, there are two types of power washers UK available in the market; electric and petrol propelled. Battery powered jet washers are also available, but they are mostly used to clean caravans, cars and motorbikes.

Petrol based models can deal with heavy duty cleaning tasks because of high pressure. So, these machines are heavy and comparatively expensive. Moreover, such devices work at high sound levels and also needs regular maintenance.

On the other hand, electric spray washers can deal with all the domestic cleaning tasks without any problem. However, your cleaning radius is restricted by a connecting power cable. But, you don’t have to deal with noise or invest additional time or energy on maintenance.

How will you use the pressure washer?

The jet washers UK can be divided into three categories when we talk about the maximum pressure.

Entry level models are available within a limit of 100 bars. These devices are suitable for light duty cleaning missions. You can clean motorbikes, bicycles, garden furniture and similar items.

Mid-level models come with a maximum pressure of up to 120 bars. You can use such models to clean patios, fences, decking and outdoor tools.

If you want to tackle heavy duty cleaning tasks, then try a high power jet wash with a maximum pressure of more than 120 bar. With such power, you can easily deal with highly stained surfaces or objects.

Maximum pressure is the only unit that helps you to assess whether a particular cleaning tool suits your requirements. It’s the reason why we mentioned this specification in all jet washers reviews.

What accessories do you need to deal with all the cleaning tasks?

Before you select one of the best jet washers, then it’s important to check what attachment the model includes. After reading the jet wash reviews, you can easily understand that these tools comprise a variety of additional items. Hence, you can easily get confused and choose an incorrect product.

Check the length of the included hose. If it’s too short, you might not be able to achieve what you need. Similarly, look for an angled wand if you want to clean the gutters and beneath the vehicles. If you want to clean the vehicles, then look for a brush. Patio cleaning attachment is another important part if you want to maintain decking, patio and other surfaces.

Some of the models come with multi-functional nozzles that allow you to choose a spray pattern according to the target. With such a model, you don’t have to waste time exchanging the nozzles. It’s easy to purchase anything that you missed initially, but we recommend that you choose the right product initially. So, that you don’t have to invest again in its attachments.


Are there any other factors to consider?

Water flow rate: You will notice that we have mentioned flow rate in all the jet wash reviews. Do you what it indicates? The amount of water passed through the washer in one hour. 400 litres/ hour is the average. You can look for a washer with a high rate because more water can quickly clean an area or item.

Power cable’s length: How long is the connecting cable? It decides the cleaning radius you can enjoy. Yes, you can use an extension, but look for something that can suit your preferences.

Length of hose: As we were discussing earlier, you should look for a long cleaning hose. Almost all the models that we discussed today comes with a reel, so managing the hose will not be trouble try one of these options.

Start/stop function: Some of the power jet washers comes with an automatic start/stop mechanism. In other words, such a cleaning device will start working if you squeegee its trigger. Only you leave this trigger, the tool will stop. An auto power function is not only safe for the user, but it also saves a lot of water.

Storage: We have discussed some compact and lightweight jet wash patio cleaners that you can store without sacrificing much open space. Collapsible handle and onboard storage are the two other factors you should consider, especially if you are already running low on open space.

Budget: We saw that jet washers UK varies in terms of the price tag. You should choose a product that you can afford. Plus, make sure it has the power to deal with all the requirements. Entry-level models are available anywhere between £40 to 100. The price of medium-duty washers varies between £100 to 200. Heavy-duty machines can cost you more than £300.

Try to find something that fits your budget, but do not compromise with the build quality. Cheap jet washers might not last for long. Plus, extra low-cost models do not offer satisfactory performance.

Best Jet Washers UK 2024

NamePressureWater flow rate
Bosch Universal [Top Pick] 130 bar380 Litres/hour.
Norse SK125160 bar460 Litres/hour.
BLAUPUNKT135 bar432 Litres/hour.
PAXCESS140 bar400 Litres/hour.
HYW3000P2193 bar525 Litres/hour.
Wolf Blaster165 bar330 Litres/hour.
DEALOURUS272 bar720 Litres/hour.
VonHaus135 bar330 Litres/hour.
Silverline 943676135 bar432Llitres / hour.
Turtle Wax TW135135 bar420 Liters/ hour.

Best Jet Washer UK Reviews

Apart from car cleaning, you can also use a jet pressure washer to maintain small machines like motorbikes and bicycles. So, investing in such a tool is a bright idea if you don’t want to play the dirty grime game every weekend. If you are looking for one of the best jet washers, then read on and see which of the following suits your requirements.

1. Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 Best Jet Washer

Bosch UniversalAquatak 125 High Pressure Washer- OK


  • Pressure: 130 bar
  • Motor power: 1,700W
  • Water flow rate: 380 Litres/hour.


Bosch UniversalAquatak is a powerful jet cleaner with a maximum bar pressure of 130. This means it can deal with any of the dirt criminals that are troubling you. And why not? This washer has a 3-in-1 nozzle, which offers a wide, rotary and dangerous pencil jet that can cut through dried and stubborn accumulations.

A 1700W motor supplies all the juice to this washer, which utilizes it well and never leaves a trace of dirt on your car’s hood. It comes with a self-priming pump that can draw water from a tank, container and even a bucket.

The pressure jet washer has a foam nozzle, which is helpful when you need to coat the driveway or patio with cleaning solution. Its 6-meter hose gives you a decent cleaning radius. At 7.8 kg, the cleaning tool is not very heavy. Plus, there are strong wheels and a telescopic handle, so that you can easily take it around. Also, the wheels keep the unit stable, so that you can use it comfortably.

Bosch UniversalAquatak never makes much noise under operation. It has a collapsible and height-adjustable handle. So, you can adjust its vertices according to yours. Once you fold the handles, it occupies less storage space.

If you have a patio or driveway that needs regular cleaning, then Bosch UniversalAquatak is one of the best jet washers UK to try in 2021. You can use the unit without any configuration because it comes pre-assembled. Apart from that, this model has a 5-meter power cable that’s perfect for residential cleaning tasks.


  • 3-in-1 nozzle for versatile cleaning
  • Includes a high-pressure foam nozzle
  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Height-adjustable handle for added comfort
  • No assembly required.


  • Nothing that we can mention.


2. Norse SK125 High Powere Jet Washer

Norse SK125 High Powered Electric Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 160 bar
  • Motor power: 2200W
  • Water flow rate: 460 Litres/hour.


Norse is renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation. The SK125 represents both the factors and performs very well with a bar output of 160 bar (2350 PSI). All the power comes from a mighty brush-less motor with a capacity of 2200W. Made of copper, this is a high-quality motor that gives you long-lasting services without looking for any repair.

The power jet washer has on board storage for all its accessories. There is a locking door that takes care of all its attachments so that you can use any of them anytime without wasting even a second. Self-priming is another impressive feature of SK125. So, it can draw water from a garden hose, bucket or even pond within 6 seconds.

An included 90-degree nozzle cleans all the corners and hard to reach areas. You can easily attach it using a quick-connect system, which is another time-saving feature of SK125. Also, the unit comes with several other attachments including a patio cleaner, multi-jet nozzle, triangle brush, and a rotary brush. All these can help you with a wide range of cleaning tasks.

With a weight of 11.5 kg, Norse SK125 is not very heavy. Plus, there is a pair of the wheel for easy manoeuvrability. Apart from that, it has compact dimensions. So, you can use this machine anywhere especially on sites where storage space is an issue.

Norse SK125 is easy to assemble. It has a warranty of 24 months, wherein you can call the manufacturers for any technical help. Apart from that, the unit has a 6-meter hose that gives you a perfect radius for residential cleaning tasks.


  • High quality built for long-lasting services
  • Onboard storage for all the accessories
  • Powerful pressure for efficient cleaning
  • Draws water from any of the water resources.


  • No locking function on the trigger.


3. BLAUPUNKT PW5200i Powerful Jet Wash

BLAUPUNKT Pressure Washer PW5200i


  • Pressure: 135 bar
  • Motor power: 1800W
  • Water flow rate: 432 Litres/hour.


Blaupunkt PW5200i is a powerful pressure washer that utilizes a durable induction motor that’s perfect for demanding tasks. Its maximum working pressure is 135bar, which is sufficient to cut through stubborn dirt accumulations. Apart from that, the jet spray washer comes with a 6-meter hose that gives you a decent cleaning radius.

The PW5200i has an aluminium induction pump that is comparatively more durable than copper ones. This pump has an inbuilt cooling system that prevents any overheating so that you can clean large areas without any interruption. Even if you don’t have to maintain a large patio, the washer can operate for prolonged periods, which is helpful when you need to clean many areas or objects.

This powerful jet washer has a water flow of 7.2 litres per minute, which is great for commercial usage. It has a telescopic handle that facilitates convenient usage and secure storage. Plus, there is a detergent tank that allows you to cover any of the surfaces with foam or any other cleaning solution.

An automatic thermal cut-out protects the motor. Also, the washer has an automatic start and stop function that comes into picture when you press or release its trigger. Moreover, this unit is supplied with Vario nozzles that are versatile enough to help you clean everything from walls, patios, garden furniture, blocks paving, decking, driveways and much more.

Apart from a variety of surfaces, PW5200i is perfect for maintaining cars, motorbikes and bicycles. It has a warranty of 3 years. You will be glad to know that there is a return policy of 30 days. So, the purchase is risk-free.


  • Versatile cleaning machine
  • Aluminium induction motor
  • Powerful pressure to deal with all the spoilsports
  • Telescopic handle for easy usage and storage
  • 30 days refund policy.


  • Comparatively heavier.


4. PAXCESS Electric Jet Pressure Washer

PAXCESS Electric Pressure Power Washer


  • Pressure:140 bar
  • Motor power: 1800W
  • Water flow rate: 400 Litres/hour.


Paxcess washer works at a maximum pressure of 140 bar (2150 PSI), which is perfect for cleaning bikes, cars and any other vehicles or areas that need some stain blasting. It has high and low-pressure nozzles that help you to clean a wide range of surfaces and objects. The high power jet wash has an 1800 W motor and an 8-meter hose for significant coverage.

The electric washer has a trolley like structure, complete with a handle that makes movement or transportation very easy. It comes with several attachments to keep the cleaning process fast and convenient. A hose roll prevents cable management and gives a professional look to your cleaning mission.

An inbuilt hose reel makes sure you can easily deal with the cleaning hose. With its help, you can let it out according to the usage. Hence, there are no chances that you or anyone else will trip over it.

At 9.98 kg, the Paxcess washer is not heavy. Plus, the unit has a tall handle and large wheels that help you to manoeuvre it very easily. The power cable is 10 meters long and there is a hook to hang it.

Talking about the noise, the Paxcess jet pressure washer works at 75 decibels, which is not very high to disturb your family members or friends. It has a detergent tank as well so that you can cover the targets with a cleaning solution for fast results.


  • Long pressure hose
  • Automatic shut-down to save energy
  • Includes a detergent tank
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.


  • Poor built quality.


5. Hyundai HYW3000P2 Best Jet Wash UK

Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washer HYW3000P2


  • Pressure: 193 bar (2800 PSI)
  • Motor power: 210cc
  • Water flow rate: 525 Litres/hour.


Hyundai HYW3000P2 is one of the best jet washers available in the UK market. Crafted for domestic users who need a powerful, durable, reliable and all-round pressure washer, its perfect if you need a solution to maintain your vehicles, patios and driveways. The unit comes with a warranty of 3 years, which is useful in case you face any problems.

The power jet washer has a 210cc 4-stroke engine that has plenty of juice to deal with all the residential cleaning tasks. You can power it using a recoil start, which never creates any problems. This engine generates a maximum pressure of 193 bar (2800 PSI) that cuts through all the grime and dirt without taking any time.

HYW3000P2 has a water flow rate of 8.75l/min, which is sufficient for cleaning and rinsing. It has a robust pump that uses a triple stainless steel piston for efficient cleaning. Apart from that, the washer comes with a 7.5-meter hose that covers a wide area for your convenience.

The unit has a built in nozzle holder on its frame. It comes with 4 quick release nozzles that can spray water at 0, 15, and 40 degrees. So, whether you need a powerful pencil jet or a wide spray to deal with large areas, the cleaning machine got your back. The fourth nozzle is to spray detergent. HYW3000P2 comes with a detergent tank worth 3 litres, which is useful if you need to clean some stubborn grime on your car or motorbike. You can think alternative like petrol pressure washer.


  • Low emission, but high torque engine
  • High water flow rate for effective cleaning
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Quick-release nozzles.


  • Comparatively expensive.


6. Wolf Blaster Max 2 Electric Cheap Jet Wash

Wolf Blaster Max 2 Electric Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 165 bar
  • Motor power: 2200W
  • Water flow rate: 330 Litres/hour.


Automatic car washes can cost you a lot more than you expect. If you are getting bored of visiting the washing point, then Wolf Blaster Max 2 might be the perfect solution. Available at a reasonable cost, it gives you an enjoyable and affordable way to clean your vehicles.

Apart from cars and motorbikes, Wolf Blaster Max 2 can also maintain your garden furniture, patio and many other outdoor objects as well as surfaces. This cheap jet washer gives you the desired cleaning performance using its powerful 2200W motor. Then, the unit is portable and comes with a wide range of attachments, so that you can clean anything without using any other tool.

The accessories include angled, turbo, Vario nozzles and a high-pressure lance to use them. Its high-pressure hose has a length of 6 meters, which gives you a significant cleaning radius. Plus, Wolf Blaster Max 2 has a patio cleaner that’s designed to clean large areas like decking and driveways.

All thanks to an on and off switch, the Blaster Max 2 is safe to use. Moreover, its motor will not start even if the switch is on. Well, don’t be surprised because the machine will start cleaning once you squeeze its trigger. Leave the trigger and it will stop.

Wolf Blaster Max 2 comes with a filter at its water inlet, which never allows any of the sand, dirt or similar debris to block its valves. It also makes maintenance easy and ensures uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Apart from that, the jet wash patio cleaner has a built-in detergent tank.

Overall, this recommendation might be a perfect choice if you need an affordable and portable cleaning solution for outdoor cleaning.


  • Durable aluminium pump
  • Attachment changes are easy
  • Hose reel for added convenience
  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Lacks auto-recoil in its hose reel.


7. DEALOURUS TX-PRO 2020 Jet Cleaner



  • Pressure: 272 bar
  • Motor power: 210cc
  • Water flow rate: 720 Litres/hour.


You might be unaware of this name, but Dealourous is a seven-year old brand headquartered in the UK. Their TX-PRO is one of the best jet washers that pack excellent features in an affordable package. It has a 210cc 4-stroke engine that generates 8 HP, which is sufficient for residential and commercial cleaning tasks.

Equipped with OHV technology, this engine is fuel-efficient and works at low sound levels. Due to a mighty engine, TX-PRO generates a high pressure of 272 bars. At such a power, none of the grime stands any chance.

Along with great power, this washer also has some convenient features. It comes with a hose reel, which is very helpful when you are covering a large area. Then, there are five nozzles in different shades. These nozzles are helpful when you want to clean a variety of objects or surfaces.

Due to large rubber wheels, the TX-PRO is easy to manoeuvre. Plus, you can easily understand the tool’s functions because of a guide that is pasted on its frame. Moreover, the unit includes 2 hoses with a length of 20 meters and 8 meters. The long hose is for general cleaning, while another one is suitable when you want to cover an area or object with foam.

Overall, Dealourous TX-PRO is a fantastic jet cleaner that comes with great power and user-friendly functions. It’s an easy to manoeuvre unit that can be an excellent addition to your garage if you need to maintain large areas.


  • Powerful and long-lasting
  • Includes 5 different nozzles
  • Comes with multiple helpful attachments
  • Contains two hoses for added convenience.


  • Comparatively heavy.


8. VonHaus 1600W Pressure Washer

VonHaus 1600W Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 135 bar
  • Motor power: 1600W
  • Water flow rate: 330 Litres/hour.


Lightweight, compact and hardworking, the VonHaus 1600W washer is an all-rounder of residential cleaning tasks. It comes with a single attachment, but this nozzle is adjustable. You can choose among high, medium or soft spray according to the cleaning job.

The VonHaus washer is small but has a 1600W motor that generates a maximum of 135 bar. It comes with a power cable of 5 meter, which is comparatively short. But, this model is not meant to cover large areas. At 5.8 kg, its lightweight and easy to transport as well.

With a water flow rate of 330 litres/hour, this jet wash UK offers efficient cleaning. It has a 5-meter hose, which is great for small cleaning tasks. Apart from that, the unit comes with a warranty of 2 years.

The spray washer includes a detergent bottle, but it doesn’t have onboard storage. Yes, there is a hook that’s useful to store the power cable. The bottle is useful when your car is very dirty. Apart from vehicles, you can also use the washer to clean gutters and fences.

VonHaus 1600W pressure jet washer might be a perfect investment if you need a car cleaning solution. It’s also ideal if you have some garden furniture. If you are looking for one of the best power washers UK without spending a high amount, then it’s the right model to try.


  • Compact dimensions for secure storage
  • Convenient to use
  • Available at a reasonable price tag.


  • Not a long-lasting tool.


9. Silverline 943676 165bar Garden Jet Wash

Silverline 943676 165bar High Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 135 bar
  • Motor power: 2100W
  • Water flow rate: 432Llitres / hour.


Silverline 943676 is a powerful pressure washer that easily deals with all the residential cleaning tasks. It effectively mintains all types of vehicles and bikes. Plus, you can use this unit to maintain garden furniture, outdoor tools, and surfaces that need some dirt blasting every weekend.

The garden jet washer comes with a 1-litre detergent dispenser. Hence, you can use it without any chemically rich solutions. Silverline 943676 has a power cable measuring 5 meters that comfortably gives you coverage for all the cleaning jobs around the house.

A high-pressure hose worth 5 meters adds to the cleaning radius and allows you to clean large areas. Silverline 943676 uses a 2100W motor to generate a maximum pressure of 165 bar. Plus, it has a flow rate of 432 litres/hour. With such specifications, this jet cleaner can easily deal with all the domestic cleaning missions.

Silverline 943676 has a coolant system that improves air intake and boosts its performance. What’s more? The unit has a self-priming pump, which can draw water from any of the water resources. Then, there is a telescopic handle and large wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre on all the terrains.

As you can see, the Silverline 943676 is powerful and it also has some useful features. But, what about safety? Well, this washer comes with automatic power on/off mechanism that activates when you squeeze its trigger and goes off once you leave that. So, there is no chance that it can start automatically. Above all, the cleaning device includes a warranty of 3 years.


  • High-pressure output for efficient performance
  • Air-cooled motor
  • A self-priming pump allows you to use it anywhere
  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability.


  • The hose is built into the reel, so cannot be upgraded.


10. Turtle Wax TW135 Jet Spray Washer

Turtle Wax TW135 Pressure Washer 135 bar


  • Pressure: 135 bar
  • Motor power: 1800W
  • Water flow rate: 420 Liters/ hour.


If you are looking for a cleaning tool that can deal with demanding tasks, then Turtle Wax TW135 might be a suitable investment. It has a high quality 1800W motor that generates a maximum pressure of 135 bar. The unit has an incredible flow rate of 420 litres/ hour, which means you can cover larger areas without investing much time and energy.

You will like the 3 in one nozzle that comes included with TW135. This nozzle gives you three spray settings to choose from. A low-pressure jet that spreads detergent from the internal tank, then a fan function for delicate washing. The last one is a powerful rotary jet that can remove stubborn accumulations in no time.

Turtle Wax TW135 has onboard storage for its attachments. This means all of them will be stored securely when not in use. Plus, the storage space also allows you to store this device without any problem.

The pressure jet washer is more than 10 kg, but there are wheels to take care of its weight. The unit comes with an 8-meter hose, which winds up in its reel. This reel is very useful when you are on the cleaning site because you don’t have to deal with a stray hose.

TW135 is an easy to use jet pressure washer. You need to simply connect its power cable to an outlet, attach the water supply, fix the nozzle, and get going. Moreover, this model is available at a pocket-friendly price tag, but its performance is comparable to expensive power washers UK.


  • Impact-resistant and long-lasting built
  • Onboard storage
  • Comes with wall-mountable brackets
  • 3 in 1 nozzle for convenient usage.


  • No place to wind the power cable.

Final talk

Bosch UniversalAquatak is the best jet washer UK because of its high quality built, decent flow rate and high pressure. If you want something cost-effective, then go for Norse SK125 or BLAUPUNKT PW5200i. All other models are equally valuable; you only have to choose one of them after checking the factors we discussed above.

You can purchase a high power jet washer from Amazon or a local store. Buying from an online shop like Amazon is better because you don’t have to worry about the delivery.

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