Best Petrol Pressure Washer UK Reviews 2024

Last Updated on December 11, 2023

Finding a petrol pressure washer can be tough. Availability of unlimited choices is the primary reason why buyers can get confused while making the right purchasing decision. It’s the reason why we are here with a model comparison review that includes some of the best petrol power washers available in the UK.

Such cleaner units are powerful and efficient, but easy to use as well. Well, we have collected models from all the top models that you might want to try. During the Covid 19 pandemic, some of the pressure washer petrol was out of stock. Fortunately, things are shifting back to normal slowly and now you can find these machines again on Amazon.

Petrol Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide

In case you are buying your first pressure washer, then many points need your consideration. Knowing your requirements is the first step to avoid any after purchase hurdles. Also, we can give you some ideas that will be helpful while making the right decision. Let’s start.

Benefits of Petrol over Electric

The first thing to consider is fuel type. You have two options available to choose; the environment friendly electric washers or the powerful petrol variants. Well, the choice depends upon what you need. For instance, petrol cleaners are extremely portable and can be used anywhere because they don’t need any external power to operate.

There are few more points where a petrol model overshadows its electric counterparts. We will discuss them here so that you can understand what you need and what to expect from petrol or electric cleaners.

  •  Pressure: The maximum pressure electric pressure washers can offer is 262 bars and the average these machines can offer is 150 bars. The given pressure power is sufficient to deal with most of the cleaning jobs at your residence. On the other hand, the petrol jet washers the UK works at an average of 272 bars, which is a lot more when compared to the electric variants.

As you see, petrol propelled washers possesses some extra power that’s useful in case you need it to wash some of the stubborn marks or oil stains.

  •  Water flow: Entry-level electric washers offers an average water flow rate of 360 litres/h and the higher end versions can reach up to 600 litres/h. On the other hand, petrol pressure washers work with higher flow rate. So, look for a petrol model if you want to clean large areas that need more water for rinsing.
  • Durability: The petrol pressure washers last longer than their electric counterparts. It’s because petrol propelled models are built around a steel frame and other metal parts. On the contrary, electric models are generally constructed using plastic. You only need to maintain the petrol cleaning machine regularly and it will keep performing as per the requirements.
  • Maintenance: Electric pressure cleaners overshadows their petrol counterparts in this department. See, the mains powered or battery dependent units do not have a complex engine that you need to check regularly. But, petrol propelled models seeks regular maintenance and part replacements. For instance, you need to check the spark plug as per the instructional manual and replace it damaged.

In case you are storing the petrol power washer for a long time, you either need to drain its fuel or add some fuel stabilizer to it. Otherwise, the remaining petrol can damage the internal parts of the cleaning machine. There are no such chores required to follow in case you invest in an electric-powered model.

You might think that it’s too time taking to follow the given steps. But, the reality differs. Follow the included manual and the maintenance part will be over within 15 to 20 minutes, especially if you are an experienced user.

  • Storage: Both electric and petrol cleaners are easy to store. However, you need to be extra careful while choosing the right storage place for a petrol version. Petrol is a highly inflammable fossil fuel that you cannot keep inside the house. So, it’s recommended that you keep a petrol pressure cleaner in the garage or garden shed.

Try an electric model in case you don’t have a secure and safe place to store a petrol version. You can keep the former even inside a closet if required.

Best Petrol Pressure Washer UK 2024

NamePressureFlow rate
Wilks USA TX750i [Top Pick] 272 bar660 l/h
Draper186 bar474 l/h
Wilks USA TX625272 bar720 l/h
Parker Brand200 bar660 l/h
HYW4000P276 bar900 l/h
DEALOURUS272 bar720 l/h
HYW3000P2193 bar525 l/h
PowerKing240 bar540 l/h
RocwooD240 bar600 l/h
P1PE206 bar522 l/h

Best Petrol Pressure Washer UK Reviews

Petrol propelled pressure washers are majorly manufactured by Wilks, Draper, Hyundai and ParkerBrand. We have included some models from these brands and described their features, specifications, advantages and disadvantages. So that you can choose the best according to your requirements.

1. Wilks Genuine USA TX750i-Best Petrol Pressure Washer

Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 272 bar
  • Flow rate: 660 l/h
  • Power: 8 HP
  • Hose: 30 m.


The TX750i is the best petrol pressure washer UK because of its high pressure of 272 bar that quickly finishes any of the cleaning tasks. No matter how tough are the stains, the Wilks washer easily deals with them due to its impressive water flow rate of 660 liters/h. Talking about the power, this unit uses a 4-stroke OHV 210cc Engine that generates a power of 8 HP.

Wilks TX750i needs unleaded petrol, which means there is no fuel mixing required. Plus, it has an efficient engine. So, you will not have to refill the fuel tank repeatedly while cleaning a large area.

Starting the petrol propelled cleaning unit is easy using its pull cord. This cleaning machine sparks into life easily in all seasons and there is also a choke in case you face any trouble. All thanks to the massive 12-inch wheels, you can easily roll the machine across. Like other parts, its wheels are also robust and heavy-duty.

The washer gives you plenty of cleaning reach because of its 30 meters’ hose. The product gives you a 20m hose, plus an additional 10m hose in case you need a little more radius. Its inbuilt reel keeps the hose in place and facilitates convenient usage.

The TX750i comes loaded with all the useful accessories including curved gutter lance, turbo nozzle, self-propelled drain cleaner and a straight lance. In other words, it gives you multiple attachments to deal with a wide range of cleaning tasks. Plus, the unit has all the tools and instructions that are helpful while assembling it.


  • Powerful and fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine
  • High pressure to deal with tough cleaning tasks
  • Robust and heavy-duty 12-inch wheels
  • Long hose measuring 30 meters
  • Inbuilt hose reel for easy and convenient usage
  • A couple of lances and assembly tools included
  • Colour coded nozzles for confusion-free usage
  • A detergent tank worth 6 litres.


  • Assembly instructions are poor.


2. Draper 83818 Petrol Power Washer

Draper 83818 6.5 hp Expert Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 186 bar
  • Flow rate: 474 l/h
  • Power: 6.5 HP
  • Hose: 8 m.


Draper manufactures high-quality petrol pressure washers that offer all-round cleaning performance. The 83818 Expert comes from the same lot and is a suitable choice for users who needs to deal with tough stains. If you need a cleaning solution for driveways, patio or boats, then it might be an incredible investment.

The 83818 Expert features a 6.5 HP engine, which generates a maximum pressure of 186 bar (2700 psi). Then, it has a water flow rate of 7.9 litres/minute, which is helpful in areas where you need cleaning as well as rinsing. With such specifications, this cleaning unit can easily deal with tough dirt accumulations and stubborn stains.Draper 83818 6.5 hp

An 8-metre hose is included with this model. The given length is excellent for average-sized areas. To avoid much movement, you can cover a large patio or deck by placing the unit in the centre.

Another impressive feature of the Expert washer is its inbuilt detergent bottle. So, you can fill in the detergent before taking the machine to the cleaning site. Hence, there is no need to carry a detergent bottle around. We recommend that you should fill-up petrol and detergent at the starting. So that you don’t have to carry anything.


  • Suitable for sites where no power outlets available
  • Ideal to clean large boats, vehicles, caravans, driveways and farming tools
  • No fuel mixing required
  • Large wheels for easy movement
  • Includes 5 different nozzles for versatile cleaning.


  • A bit expensive according to the specifications and features.


3. Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Best Domestic Pressure Washer

Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 272 bar
  • Flow rate: 720 l/h
  • Power: 7 HP
  • Hose: 20 m.


If you are looking for a cheap petrol pressure washer that can tackle any cleaning job at your residence, then try USA TX625. With a powerful pressure of 272 bar, it can easily clean your patio, driveway, or any other concrete surface.

The Wilks Genuine washer comes with 5 nozzles with different water spraying degrees. In other words, this pressure cleaner gives you the right tool to deal with a variety of tasks. To reach cavities, it has a zero-degree nozzle. If you need power cleaning, then there is a nozzle with the 15-degree flow. 40-degree nozzleThen the model has a 25-degree nozzle for focused washing and a 40-degree nozzle that can clean a large area without wasting much of your time. Apart from all these attachments, there is also a detergent hose that can soap up an area before you hit it with any of the cleaning nozzles.

You can easily start the washer with its cord pull mechanism. This unit can draw water from a tap or any other resource like a pond and even a bucket. Plus, its 20 meters of hose gives you an excellent cleaning radius.

Overall, Wilks Genuine USA TX625 is a versatile and fuel-efficient cleaning unit available in the market. Its engine is not very loud and hence, there will not be any complaints from your neighbours. Moreover, the model is available at a reasonable price tag. Still, it gives you commercial grade power to deal with anything that’s spoiling the appearance of your house.


  • Designed around a robust and heavy-duty steel frame
  • Powerful, reliable and fuel-efficient engine
  • Features snap-in nozzles for time-saving cleaning
  • Ceramic made nozzles for long-lasting services
  • Comes with a self-propelled drain cleaner.


  • Tough to assemble, especially for the beginners.


4. ParkerBrand Petrol Pressure Jet Washer – PPPW-2900

Petrol Pressure Jet Washer


  • Pressure: 200 bar
  • Flow rate: 660 l/h
  • Power: 6.5 HP
  • Hose: 8 m.


Do you want to take the house cleaning results to the next grade? Well, it’s time to try the PPPW-2900 that’s an incredible petrol jet wash with robust construction and useful features. There are multiple reasons why this model deserves your attention. First, it includes 5 separate nozzles that allow you to choose the right water flow degree according to the cleaning requirements.

Then, PPPW-2900 features a robust air-cooled engine that generates 6.5 HP. The third reason is its pressure of 2900 PSI, which helps you to clean machines, driveways, vehicles, and patios. Apart from that, the high power jet wash has a water flow rate just above 11 litres per minute. With such specifications, this model offers trouble-free cleaning results without looking for additional help.

PPPW-2900 has an open structure that maintains complete airflow and never allows its engine to overheat. A set of rear wheels works well on any terrain and offers unmatched portability. The machine has a bar grip that allows you to conveniently move it anywhere without any problem.

ParkerBrand jet washer is designed to tackle various cleaning tasks and hence, it’s a perfect investment if you want fast cleaning results. Keep in mind that the washer can be loud and create some vibration when operational. So, it’s not recommended for a closed neighbourhood. Apart from that, the washer not suitable for commercial-grade projects. But, when we talk about residential usage, it’s one of the best.


  • A powerful engine makes it perfect for residential usage
  • Impressive 2900 PSI/200 bar pressure
  • Wheels and handgrip to boost portability
  • 5 nozzles for versatile cleaning results.


  • Loud when underuse
  • Only suitable for small or mid-level home cleaning tasks.


5. Hyundai HYW4000P Petrol Pressure Washer

Hyundai HYW4000P Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 276 bar
  • Flow rate: 900 l/h
  • Power: 14 HP
  • Hose: 15 m.


Hyundai HYW4000P is a versatile pressure washer petrol that can take water from the taps and all other resources like a pond and even a bucket. Due to the inbuilt detergent tank, it offers convenient cleaning. All thanks to a 420 CC 14 HP engine and robust steel frame makes, this is one of the most powerful and durable options that you can purchase.

HYW4000P has Annovi Reverberi pumps that are reliable and generates a powerful pressure up to 4000 PSI. Then, it has 4 quick-release nozzles included that allows you to deal with a variety of cleaning missions. Changing the nozzles is a matter of seconds, which makes your cleaning time shorter than expected.

The car manufacturers ship this washer with large puncture-resistant wheels that allows you to easily take it anywhere. This machine has a 4 stroke engine that needs unmixed petrol to operate. Plus, the engine has an auto-cut off function that activates once the oil level is low.

Overall, Hyundai petrol washer might be a suitable investment if you want to maintain your patio, decking, or boat. Due to a long-lasting frame, powerful engine and high-pressure output, this model is also suitable for professionals. Even when you need to deal with the toughest stains, it has a turbo nozzle that can deal with more than just simple dirt.


  • Uses a powerful and reliable Hyundai engine
  • Works with commercial-grade Annovi Reverberi (AR) pump
  • An incredible water flow rate of 15 litres per minute
  • Turbo nozzle for fast cleaning results
  • 4 quick-release nozzles
  • Covered under a warranty of 3 years.


  • Comparatively expensive.


6. DEALOURUS TX-PRO 2020 High Power Jet Wash


DEALOURUS TX-PRO 2020 Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 272 bar
  • Flow rate: 720 l/h
  • Power: 8 HP
  • Hose: 20 m.


Are you looking for a high power jet washer that can deal with all the cleaning tasks at your house? Then, take a closer look at DEALOURUS TX-PRO 2020 because it has all the features to be your gardening partner. All thanks to an 8 HP 4-stroke OHV Engine, the pressure washer petrol offers high-grade performance.

TX-PRO 2020 works at a maximum pressure of 3950 PSI, which is sufficient to deal with dirty vehicles, soiled patio and garden furniture covered with moss. It comes with 5 nozzles that are suitable for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. So, you can easily rinse and clean all the surfaces, objects, crevices and tough to reach corners.

The fuel tank of TX-PRO has a capacity of 3.5 litres, while its detergent bottle measures 4 litres. So, you don’t have to worry about refilling even when you are dealing with large areas. A brass head pump draws water from a barrel. Moreover, it comes with a 20 m hose that gives you a decent cleaning reach.

The petrol propelled washer has a water flow rate of 12 litres/minutes, which offers faster cleaning. So, it’s obvious that you will be able to complete the cleaning tasks faster. Once done with the machine, you can easily move it to the storage. All thanks to a pair of 10-inch wheels, the unit easily moves over all the terrains.


  • Works with unleaded petrol, so no mixing is required
  • Effective recoil start
  • Oil sensor for safety switch
  • Large rubber wheels for easy movement
  • Inbuilt reel for the hose.


  • Beginners might find the machine difficult to assemble.


7. Hyundai HYW3000P2 Pressure Washer Petrol


Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washer HYW3000P2


  • Pressure: 193 bar
  • Flow rate: 525 l/h
  • Power: 70 HP
  • Hose: 7.5 metre.


Hyundai HYW3000P2 is perfect when you need to tackle heavy-duty cleaning projects without wasting much time. Do you know the reasons? First is its powerful and reliable, 4-stroke 210 engine that generates a maximum pressure of 2800 psi. Second, the machine has 4-colour coded nozzles that allow you to choose the most appropriate spray for any cleaning task.

You can start the cleaning unit using a pull-start, which is user friendly and never fails. Due to low-emission engine, this model makes a less negative impact on our environment. Plus, it’s not very loud when at work. As the machine uses petrol, you can use it anywhere. Even at sites wherein electricity is not at all available.

What’s more? The petrol pressure washer UK has an inbuilt detergent tank that allows you to cover the distance without carrying any bottle. Its water flow rate of 8.75 litres/minute is useful when you need to clean areas that need some extra rinsing.

The pressure cleaner has a stainless steel frame and trigger gun. So, it’s built to last and provide cleaning services for many more years to come. You can connect the cleaner with any of the mains water supply using a garden hose. It can also draw water from a water tank or any other water resource.

HYW3000P2 comes with a 7.5-metre long hose that gives you a decent cleaning radius. Once you are done, use its 10-inch large puncture proof wheels for easy movement. Due to small dimensions, the machine never occupies much space in your garage or garden shed.


  • Reliable engine with less carbon emission
  • Stainless steel frame and spray gun for durability
  • 4 snap-on nozzles for time-saving cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Puncture-proof tires for easy mobility.


  • Comparatively shorter hose.


8. PowerKing “Mega Blaster 250” Petrol Pressure Washer

PowerKing Mega Blaster 250 Petrol Pressure Washer


  • Pressure: 240 bar
  • Flow rate: 540 l/h
  • Power: 7 HP
  • Hose: 10 m.


PowerKing Mega Blaster 250 is one of the best domestic pressure washers that can easily deal with everyday wear and tear. All thanks to its robust frame built of steel tubes worth 32 mm. Plus, the machine is onboard storage for all the nozzles, lance and hose. So, you can finish the cleaning tasks and store everything without any trouble.PowerKing

Mega Blaster features an incredible Wolf 4 Stroke OHV engine that produces an impressive power of 5.3 kW and a pressure of 240 bar. The machine has anti-vibration mounts to reduce the vibrations so that you can enjoy irritation-free cleaning times. With such a power, the petrol pressure washer UK can easily cut through years of dirt accumulation. Algae, moss or any other types of grime does not even stand a chance.

The pressure cleaning unit uses a high-pressure pump that can draw water from a lake or barrel. It comes with 5 different nozzles that you can use for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Also, it’s in inbuilt detergent tank adds your convenience.

PowerKing washer comes with air-filled wheels that can easily overcome any of the terrains without any trouble. Its foam covered handle makes the relocation even easier and comfortable. The product has a quick guide that helps you to setup and use it easily. Also, the warranty for 2 years is satisfying at this price tag.


  • Durable and long-lasting built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Can draw water from a lake or barrel
  • 5 quick coupled nozzles for a variety of cleaning tasks
  • Wheel-mounted frame for easy movement.


  • The warranty period is shorter than other variants.


9. RocwooD Petrol Jet Washer

RocwooD Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI


  • Pressure: 240 bar
  • Flow rate: 600 l/h
  • Power: 7 HP
  • Hose: 10m.


The petrol power washer from Rocwood is the perfect cleaning solution for your house because of its incredible cleaning power of 3000 PSI. All its juice comes from a 4 stroke engine that generates 7 HP. Also, the machine has a water flow rate of 10 litres per minutes. Combining the powerful force and decent water flow rate, this model delivers quick and convenient cleaning results.

RocwooD washer comes with 4 different nozzles that throw water at different angles including 0, 15, 25, and 40. Apart from these nozzles, it also has a low-pressure nozzle to remove stubborn marks or stains from concrete surfaces. Using all these attachments, you can easily wash your car, patio, garden furniture, or house windows.

The 3000 psi pressure washer has a brass axial pump and thermal relief that adds to its reliability as well as durability. It has the option to adjust the pressure, which is useful when you want to clean a variety of objects or surfaces. The machine comes with a 10-metre high-pressure commercial grade hose that works with an ergonomic spray gun.

This pressure cleaning machine can draw water from a water tap, bucket or any other water resources like a pond. Apart from that, the washer has 8-inch wheels that are helpful when you want to move it after finishing the cleaning jobs. Keep in mind that the warranty for 1-year on the product is only applicable if you are using it for residential cleaning purposes.


  • Powerful motor that offers reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Can draw water from any of the water resources or tap
  • Includes 5 different nozzles to help you with almost all the cleaning tasks
  • Ability to adjust the pressure
  • Wheels are added portability.


  • Some of the users reported the problem while starting the washer.


10. P1PE Petrol Jet Washer – P3500PWA

 P1PE, 2990 PSI, IC210 7HP 212cc 4 Stroke Engine


  • Pressure: 206 bar
  • Flow rate: 522 l/hr
  • Power: 7 HP
  • Hose: 7 m.


P3500PWA is a cheap petrol pressure washer manufactured by Position One (P1). This one might be the perfect choice for your house because of its powerful 4-stroke OHV engine that has a displacement of 212cc. The engine generates 7HP, which is sufficient to clean cars, bikes, boats, driveways or patio.

With an operational pressure of 2990 PSI, the jet washer saves your precious time, especially when you need to deal with large areas. Moreover, it has a 7-meter hose for that gives you a decent cleaning radius. The petrol propelled washer also has an integrated detergent tank to deal with surfaces or objects that needs a deep cleaning.IC210 7HP 212cc 4 Stroke Engine

Five different nozzles are included with this unit. So, you can choose to work with water angles of 0, 15, 25 and 40. Plus, you can easily interchange all the nozzles within seconds.

P3500PWA can travel any of the sites because of its puncture-proof wheels. So, it’s not only simple to operate but convenient to move and store as well. Moreover, you can easily assemble it within minutes. As the machine can work without electricity, you can use it virtually anywhere. Even where you don’t have access to any power resources.

You will glad to know that the product is covered under a warranty of 2 years. So, if you need an affordable cleaning solution that can offer incredible cleaning results at your residence, then try the P3500PWA.


  • Strong, reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Easy to use pull start
  • Powerful engine and impressive pressure for fast results
  • Comparatively less noisy
  • Inbuilt detergent tank.


  • The warranty period is shorter than its competitions.


What About Water Pressure?

The most important factor to check when looking for the best domestic pressure washer is its pressure. The water force deals with all the filth and gives you a clean surface. After reading the petrol pressure washer reviews, you can easily understand that these machines work at a minimum of 186 bars, which is suitable for basic cleaning jobs. For heavy-duty tasks, you should try a cleaner with more than 220 bars of pressure.

  • Horsepower

A 6.5 HP motor is sufficient to deal with all your household cleaning jobs. More powerful engines are available with petrol machines, but you need to choose one of the best domestic pressure washers according to the requirements.

  • Washer pumps

Another important component to consider is the pump of a power scrubbing machine. It’s the part that withstands most of the wear and tear. Hence, you need to find a model that’s constructed using metal parts.

Brass made pumps are the most durable. So, they will last longer even if you are a professional. Apart from a pump, you should look for a unit that has a solid steel frame and ceramic nozzles.

  • Cleaning solution tank

In case the petrol scrubber has a detergent tank included, you don’t have to carry a separate container of cleaning agent or similar items. Simply add the detergent to the inbuilt tank and cut down your cleaning time. It’s why we have reviewed only models that come with a cleaning solution tank.

  • Flow Rate

High flow rate means a unit can clean faster. Petrol dependent models generally have a high water flow rate. However, anything more than 360 litres per hours is suitable for residential usage. For heavy-duty or commercial missions, try anything that has a flow rate of more than 660 litres.

  • The number of nozzles

Isn’t it convenient to have multiple nozzles that you can use according to the surface or object? For instance, you might need a concentrated water spray while cleaning stubborn stains. But, cleaning a car needs broad water spray. It’s the reason you should choose a model that includes multiple spray tips so that you can use the right tool for fast cleaning results.

  • Adjustable pressure options

You should try a petrol power washer that has an option to adjust its pressure. Off course you can try different nozzles according to the cleaning requirements. But, the facility to adjust the pressure gives you added flexibility and convenience while cleaning.

  • A tool, hose, and cord storage

All the components of a petrol pressure scrubber should have onboard storage. So that you can pack everything nice and compact, without any problem. It’s the primary reason you should invest in something that has on-frame storage for nozzles, hose, lances and sprays gun.

  • Manoeuvrability

Almost all the petrol jet washers UK comes with wheels and handgrip so that you can easily take them to the cleaning site. However, you need to look for puncture-proof rubber wheels that are least 10 inches in measurement. It’s better to look for tires that can easily deal with all the terrains.

  • Are Warranties Important?

You should look for a product that’s available with the longest warranty. We agree that petrol scrubbers are tough and cannot break easily. However, things can damage or break eventually, even if you are very careful.

Uses For A Petrol Pressure Washer

After reading this far, you can realize that pressure washers are useful for multiple cleaning tasks. Well, in this section we will let you know all the applications that you can enjoy after investing in such a cleaning machine.

Cleaning Patios: An old patio is fine, but what if it’s too dusty? Sometimes when you purchase a new house, you cannot even know what the real colour of your patio. Cleaning PatiosDo you know why? Because of the accumulated dust. Its where a pressure washer comes into picture and blasts every grime particle that’s spoiling the appearance of your patio.

To get the best out of the pressure cleaning on patios, it’s recommended to use a turbo nozzle. Apart from that, you need a model with at least a pressure power of 140 bars.

Cleaning The Car: Many of us prefer to wash cars at home. Most of the times it’s done on the weekends. However, washing a car with bare hands is very time taking and tiring. Plus, you cannot get the desired cleaning results without any the car

Using a high power jet wash, you can get a shining car that also without investing much time or hard work. Plus, you will also save a lot of money every year. For instance, the average cost of every car wash in London is £8, which means you will end up spending more than £380 every year. Or you can choose to invest in one of the best petrol jet washers UK and get the results as per your requirements.

You don’t need a very powerful cleaner to maintain your vehicles. Anything with a pressure of more than 165 bars can do the needful. It’s one of the major benefits of investing in a pressure scrubber. Once you have it, there is no need to look for a petrol station with a car wash point.

Garden Woodwork: Accumulated dust, grime, moss and algae are dangerous for your garden furniture.

Garden Woodwork

Cleaning this outdoor furniture using a pressure washer will keep them new for many more years to come. Plus, the shining wooden structures add more attraction to the greens. Petrol washers with pressure more than 135 bars are perfect to maintain the garden furniture.

Off-Road Motorcycles: Do you enjoy off-road biking trips? Then, you can easily understand how muddy off-road motorcycles can get. Off-Road MotorcycleThe chunks of mud spoil the external as well as the internal appearance of your two-wheeler and then, it becomes a difficult task for you to remove all of them. Plus, you will never find a bike wash point in the remote areas.

A pressure scrubber is the best tool to deal with such situations. Such tools can draw water from any of the water resources to keep your bike dirt free. Wash the bike after finishing the trip, so that this machine can live a long and repair free life. A cleaning unit with pressure power more than 140 bars is suitable to clean off-road motorcycles.

Cleaning Decking: If you own a wooden deck, then you will know how it turns into a dangerous path to walk in the winters.

Cleaning Decking

Apart from that, the algae accumulation makes it even more dangerous. Use a petrol jet wash to clean your deck at least once or twice to get rid of this problem. The strong water flow will cut down all the grime and algae to give you a nice, clean and slip-free deck. Any of the models with a pressure force of more than 140 bars are suitable for deck cleaning.

Preparing an External Wall to Paint: You need to repaint the house walls when they look dirty and needs a revival. The first step towards repainting the walls is to clean them so that the new colour stays on their surface for longer. A petrol jet wash is extremely useful in this situation because it can easily remove all the dirt, grime, old paint and makes the surface ready for a new colour.Preparing an External Wall to Paint

Keep in mind that you need to let the walls dry after pressure washing. You should choose a cleaner depending upon how dirty are the walls and how big is your house. For house walls that need a little cleaning, you can try a unit with more than 140 bars of pressure. On the other hand, if you are trying to clean heavily greased walls, then try a 275 bar petrol pressure washer for sale.

Agricultural Use: Working on farmlands can be very muddy. The tools and machines need to withstand tons of dirty stuff that are hard to clean when you are done. However, you can clean everything very easily using a commercial jet washer that works with a pressure of more than 275 bars. Using such a machine you can clean all the farming equipment without wasting much time and energy.Agricultural Use

Vehicle Fleet Owners: If you own a fleet of cars, trucks or any other vehicles then, it can be expensive to get them professionally washed every week. So, you can invest in a high-quality commercial jet washer that can blast away all the dirt and dust accumulation from your road machines.

An electric cleaner cannot take care of all your vehicles, especially if their number is high. So, try petrol propelled pressure scrubber in case you own a line of taxis that needs regular washing. The pressure power and engine of a cleaner depend upon the number of vehicles you own.


How Much Power a Washer Can Produce?

A pressure washer can produce up to 20 times more power than a regular garden hose. Even if you are using an entry-level model, it will save you a lot of time and resources. However, you need to choose an option depending upon the requirements. For instance, any of the units producing around 135 bar is suitable for cleaning lawn furniture, bikes and cars. However, you need a cleaning machine with more than 140 bars to deal with a dirty patio or decking.

Hot Water or Cold?

All the pressure scrubbers we discussed today utilizes cold water. Anything over 104 degrees Fahrenheit can harm the pump and result in leaks. So, if you want to get rid of some stubborn stains, its recommended that you use detergent.

What are the Top Pressure Washer Brands?

You will multiple brands that manufactures pressure washer, but only some of them are worth considering. Hyundai, Wilks, Draper, and ParkerBrand, are some of the best manufacturers of high-quality pressure scrubbing units.

Which Is Better Petrol or Electric?

Well, the answer depends upon your cleaning requirements. If you are planning to deal with a fleet of cars, large deck or patio, then its recommended that you invest in a petrol pressure washer UK. In case you only need to wash your car, lawn furniture and some gardening tools, then an electric model will be suitable.

What Horsepower do I need for my petrol pressure washer?

The Horsepower of a petrol scrubber depends upon the type of cleaning job you handle. A 6.5 HP unit is suitable for almost any task. If you need to handle commercial-grade projects, then a high powered engine is better.

How reliable are petrol pressure washers?

Petrol propelled washers are renown to offer solid cleaning results, even under unfavourable conditions. These units are excellent when you need to finish heavy-duty cleaning projects at your home, farm sites or any other industrial location. You only need to choose a model according to the requirement and the results will be better than expected. Overall, petrol washers are reliable pieces of machines that help you to save a lot of time and energy.

How Heavy Are Petrol Pressure Washers?

Generally, the petrol scrubbers weigh anywhere between 75 to 100 pounds; depending upon the make and model. The excess weight is because of the engine.

Advantages Of Petrol Washer

  • Powerful: Petrol propelled washers are powerful can reach up to a pressure of 272 bars (4000 PSI). So, these machines are twice as powerful as corded or cordless models.
  • Timesaver: Due to such power, these machines can clean a large area without wasting much of your precious time and energy. If you want to compare, a petrol dependent unit can clean an area three times faster than its electric counterpart.
  • Durable: You might have noticed while reading the petrol pressure washer reviews that such units are generally made of a stainless steel frame. It’s the primary reason why a petrol scrubber lasts longer when compared to its electric version.
  • Gives you the freedom of usage: Apart from that, you don’t need a power outlet to operate a washer powered by fossil fuel. You can virtually use it anywhere across the globe.

Disadvantages Of Petrol Washer

  • Need more maintenance: Petrol powered pressure cleaners seek more servicing time. You need to replace the oil, tune-up the engine and spark plug after 3 or 6 months depending upon the included instructions manual. Plus, such machines need fuel stabilizer for winter storage.
  • Heavy: These units are heavy and need some extra open space for storage. Yes, there are wheels with all the models that we discussed today. But, what if you need to move them over the steps or load in the back of your truck?
  • High sound level: Petrol propelled machines are comparatively noisy. Expect such a machine to make twice as much noise as an electric version.
  • Expensive: Most of the petrol dependent units are comparatively expensive than their electric counterparts.

Final Verdict

How will use a petrol pressure washer? It’s the first question you should ask while looking for a cleaning solution. In case you need to maintain your off-road bikes, caravans or cars, then try an entry-level model with low pressure. To clean patio, deck, driveways or any other large surface, you should go for a unit that offers at least a pressure of 200 bar (2700 PSI).

After considering all the points, we can say that Wilks Genuine USA TX750i might be the best option available to purchase in the current market. We hope that you like today’s collection and we can assure you will enjoy a shining car and clean patio with any of the recommended models. See the buying guide for pressure washers.


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