Can You Cut With An Electric Chainsaw In The Rain?

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Electric chainsaws are sturdily built power tools made to last longer and can withstand external factors. They are pretty costly but very convenient for homeowners who need to do regular pruning, trimming, and splitting wood for firewood.

The maintenance of an electric chain saw is simple as you only need to keep the chain well lubricated. That allows for an easy and smooth wood cutting process. Ensure the oil tank is always full. Alternatively, you can apply the oil manually where the chainsaw does not support self-oiling.

Other times the weather won’t cooperate, and you may be wondering whether to use your electric chain saw in the rain or not. We have taken the pleasure to take care of your concerns and highlight important precautions to observe when using an electric chainsaw.

Risks of Using an Electric Chainsaw in the Rain

There are many risks associated with cutting wood with an electric chainsaw in the rain. It is not even advisable and should be avoided at all costs. Even if they are manufactured so that water won’t find its way inside, it is still safer to use them only on a normal day.

  • If water flows inside the chainsaw, it could short circuit the tool, stop functioning or even cause permanent damage.
  • You risk electrocution. Water cant go together with electricity. Working in a dumpy or even in a flooded environment with a corded electric chainsaw can lead to a shock, leading to death.
  • Can cause chain inefficiency. Exposing the chain to rain may lead to poor performance and even lead to rusting of the blades.
  • Risk of slips and falls. You can be sure that the ground will be wet and slippery, and as a result, you could easily slide and fall when holding the chainsaw. That can lead to bad injuries to any part of your body.

Safety Precautions

It is completely unadvisable to use an electric chainsaw in the rain. Nevertheless, there will be times you can’t escape cutting wood in such conditions, and here are some precautions to observe to carry out the task safely.

Watch out For Slippery Ground and Wear Protectively

Anytime when using an electric chainsaw in the rain, most danger originates from your surroundings. The ground has lost traction, and it is all slippery. Exercise caution when stepping on the ground. Plant your feet solidly. If careless, you may slide and fall to the ground or on the chainsaw leading to a bad accident.

Of course, nobody wants any of those accidents to take place. That’s why wearing protective clothing is more important than ever.

Put on suitable footwear that will offer a proper grip on the ground to reduce slip and falls. You also need specially made pants to avoid the possibility of a deep chainsaw cut.

It would help if you also had gloves with good grip to help you hold tightly onto the chainsaw despite the wetness. It is easy to lose control of the chainsaw without a firm grip. That would lead to a mishap.

If you must work in the rain, you will need to wear warm clothing and footwear for the season. That will make your work more comfortable as well as avoid accidents.

Right Choice of Chain

Ensure to pick the right type of chain that would help you cut wood in the rain. A lot of debris will be formed in the process, and in this case, a chain with rounded teeth will be a good option. Remember also that the wood will be dumped and you will need to cut slowly.

Clear Debris

Ensure to clear the barks or other dirt attached to the piece of wood you want to cut. Failure to do that would render the chainsaw inefficient when cutting in the rain.


If water leaks into the tool, disassemble the tool using a screwdriver and let all the water dry before starting it again. Apply oil to prevent oxidation and store it safely in a dry area.

Final Thoughts

Using an electric chain saw in the rain is possible but very risky. It will help if you get extremely cautious. When possible, use an electric chain saw only in dry weather. However, if you can’t completely postpone, observe the precautions highlighted in this article, and you should be able to finish the task safely.

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