How Do You Use a Chainsaw for Beginners?

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

If you are new to the cutting game, you need a proper guide on best chainsaw practices. Chainsaws are vital garden devices but if you don’t use them properly, you may not get the best result, and your safety may be jeopardized. Here is a simple guide on how to use a chainsaw efficiently.

Understand Your Limits

If you don’t feel confident holding a chainsaw, it is advisable to stay off it. There are many professionals out there that can help you if you believe the task is too much for you. Get in touch with one and the job will be done perfectly.

Selecting The Right Chainsaw

As a newbie, you should go for a lighter chainsaw that you can use for light-cutting jobs in your garden. Once you get used to the machine, you can get a more powerful one to handle tougher jobs.

Before You Begin

Before starting the engine to begin the cutting operation, you must ensure that the chainsaw is perfectly okay. All the parts must be properly lubricated, and the chain should be in the right tension. Also, the teeth must be sharp, and there should not be any loose bolts or parts. You must also ensure that you put all safety devices as well as equipment in place.

Selecting The Right Chainsaw

Examine Your Work Area Intensely

Your work area requires proper scanning before operations to be sure that it is clear of obstructions. You must ensure that your kids don’t get access to your work area if your operations take place in your garden.

You need to be sure that nothing could fall on you during operations, especially rubble from a tall tree. Don’t drop-start the machine, use only a cold or warm start position to prevent grave danger.

Be Careful of Kickback

As a beginner, you should watch out for kickback, which can take place at any time and catch you off guard. It commonly occurs when the nose of the bar comes in contact with a solid object or when there is a loose chain.

To prevent kickback, you must ensure that you hold the machine firmly with two hands. Also, you should not allow the machine’s tip to come into contact with any object, and you should be careful when you re-enter a cut. When cutting twigs as well as other light materials, you must ensure that you take the necessary additional precaution.

Risk-free Operation

Risk-free Operation

There are two ways to start your chainsaw correctly. You can place it on the ground or keep it between your legs. When cold-starting a chainsaw, you must ensure that you activate the chain brake, choke, and decompression control if available.

Let your right foot be on the back handle before using your left hand to hold the front handle securely. If you will be starting the machine between your legs, let the back handle be between your thighs before holding the front handle with your left hand securely.

Use your right hand to pull the starter handle until the engine comes to life. Adjust the choke till the machine starts, and release the chain brake.

Saw Holding

At all times, you must ensure that you hold the chainsaw with your two hands, and you should keep it close to your body. When the engine is running, you should not change your position or adjust the saw. If you require a short break, you should turn off the engine, and when you are ready to proceed, you should warm-start the engine.

Cutting Habits

Your top priority should be keeping your saw steady during operations. You should not cut anything higher than your shoulder. Due to its weight, it is not advisable to use a chainsaw to cut at weird angles. If it is hard to reach, you should not worry about cutting it. 

Saw Maintenance

You should take proper care of your chainsaw to boost its lifespan. Also, it will make the cutting job easier and safer for you so that you won’t have issues getting the most satisfactory result.

Protect Yourself

Use protective equipment to protect yourself during operations because accidents can happen at any time. You should use a protective helmet, clothing, boots, visual and hearing protection.

Final Word

This guide on chainsaw use for beginners will help you to get the process right, and prevent accidents. We believe that if you can digest it properly, you will not have issues with this machine.

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