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Last Updated on December 18, 2023

The hot tubs are more like a private hot spring in your garden that relaxes your mind and body. It soothes all your joint pain and muscle soreness so that you can feel active as well as refreshing. Once you decide you purchase an outdoor spa, the first step is to find the best option that suits all your requirements. It’s the reason we have created this informative guide that will help you make a confident selection.

Spa Type

As we know, spas or hot tubs can withstand water temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. Apart from the heat, a spa-pool also releases water jets that massages and relaxes your body.

How Much Are Hot Tubs To Buy

Depending upon the make and model, an outdoor tub can accommodate anywhere between 1 to 8 users. Moreover, you can use it throughout the year to enjoy some extra comfort in your leisure time.

There are two types of spa available to purchase.

Inflatable Spas: Affordable and easy to set up, inflatable spas are comfortable. Some of these hot tubs are also portable. The sitting capacity and number of jets depend upon the make and model.

Inflatable Spas

The inflatable spas are strong and durable more than you can imagine. A high-quality bathtub can be used throughout the year, even in winters. It’s easy to inflate such an item using a pump. Then, fill the water and heat it as per the requirements. That’s it. Now, you simply have to get inside the water, turn on the jets and enjoy a massage.

Rigid Spas: If you are planning to allot a permanent area to a spa, then its beneficial to look for a rigid model. You can simply add such a fixture in your garden by integrating It into the ground. You can also build decking around the hot tub.

Rigid Spas

We agree that fixed spa installation needs a bit of extra work when compared to inflatable variants. However, it gives you some luxurious features like aromatherapy, underwater lighting, speaker system and Bluetooth interface. Moreover, you can sit upright or lounge comfortably as per your mood.

Choose the right place to set up a fixed spa. Measure the allotted area and match the same with the models that you shortlist from Amazon. Choose a hot tub that can fit within the available space.

Available Seating Space

Available Seating Space

Are you the only who will use the spa? In the case of a single user, look for an option that can accommodate one person. If the users are more than one, then try to find a spa that can accommodate all of them.


One of the crucial factors of a hot tub is its cover. So, it should be a necessity instead of an optional component. A high-quality cover will keep the water hot for long. Hence, it will conserve energy and reduce utility bills.



Look for a cover with optional strap locks, which will protect your spa from unauthorized access, dirt and other external elements. Most of the hot tub manufacturers include a cover. So, don’t let anyone disguise you by saying that a cover is an additional gift.



An inbuilt filter keeps the incoming water supply clear and free from unwanted elements. A well-maintained filter removes most of the large particles from the water. So, choose a high-quality spa that includes a filtration mechanism.

Other Factors To Consider

outdoor hot tubs

If you want to enjoy small parties in your spa, then look for a model that comes with a table. Additional storage area is always useful when you are hosting a hot tub treat for your partner. Wi-Fi connectivity and home assistant compatibility are the other features that can make your spa sessions even more convenient.

Inflatable hot tub running costs

Once the hot tub is ready and its heater is powered on, it heats 1.5 to 2 degrees every hour. The heater shuts down automatically once the set temperature is reached and comes back online only to maintain the heat. If you want to leave its heater turned on to maintain the water temperature, then the running cost will be between £7 to £10 every week.

Health Benefits Of Spa

Warm water enhances the blood circulation in your body. So, relaxing in one of these garden swimming pools is not only enjoyable but also maintains your blood pressure. Also, it’s a fabulous method to distress your mind and body.

spa pool

Spa treatment relieves you from muscle stress and promotes better sleep. Warm water removes all the toxins from your body and maintains its shine as well as smoothness. Apart from that, it is effective in multiple health troubles including tendonitis, fibromyalgia and scoliosis. Even if you are dealing with arthritis or any other joint pain, spa treatment takes the stress off from the affected areas.

How To Maintain Your Spa?

Hot tubs don’t seek much of your time in their maintenance. Similar to other pools, you need to add chlorine to prevent bacteria growth.

How To Maintain Your Spa

For a fixture like a spa, you need to use diluted chlorine that can easily mix into the water. Check the pH level after a couple of hours. Make sure it’s from 7.0 to 7.6.

filteration system


In case you are looking for a fixed spa, we recommend that you choose a model that’s built with acrylic. The material is durable, stylish and never allows bacterial growth. Look for a variant that has UltraRay UV-C system kills the microbial and never allows them to regrow.

Now, you might think about how much are hot tubs to buy? Well, you can get one of the best round hot tubs UK with £600. For instance, Lay-Z-Spa Milan that accommodates up to 6 users and has a Wi-Fi interface as well.

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