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Last Updated on May 10, 2022

No time to maintain a huge garden? Then, you need some low maintenance small garden ideas. Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep the yard updated because most of us are busy with tons of other household and official tasks. But, maintaining a small garden is simple and easy.

Don’t think that you need to degrade the style statement in-return for a convenient gardening life. So, let’s see how your garden can stand out without putting in much time or energy.

Limit the Plant Varieties

Do not plant more than 4 or 5 species in your garden. A variety of greens might look great together, but they also need individual attention. For instance, you need to provide the right fertilizer to them that also according to the season.

Limit the Plant Varieties

Some of the plants seek special soil to grow. The watering part is another chore because of the requirement differs according to the variety. After limiting the plant categories in the garden, you will notice that the maintenance time is automatically reduced.

Choose the Plants Carefully

As we were discussing, some of the plants need extra care for appropriate growth. So, if you don’t want to nurture the garden every week, then choose low maintenance garden plants UK. Raising lawn grasses and vegetables needs a lot of time and effort. Avoid any plantation that needs support to grow. Such plants need to lot of time and there is always a fear of messing up.

Choose the Plants Carefully

So, you should try trees and shrubs that are easy to maintain. Holly and lavender are the two common options if you are looking for low maintenance garden shrubs. These greens can withstand any of the environment without much attention. Apart from that, you can also go for fruits like raspberries and currants because you have to prune them only once a year.

Create Pavements

Do you own a large lawn? Then, you cannot avoid regular mowing and other maintenance tasks. So, we suggest that you use gravels or pavement to cover the soil.


You can also create a deck to minimize the green area. A pavement or deck needs a convenient sweep once a week. This means you don’t have to invest much time and energy in a lawnmower.

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Construct a living space outdoors, which will be low-maintenance landscaping because there will be fewer grasses and plants to maintain. For instance, you can create a stone patio, place a dining table, and prepare a grilling area. Apart from a patio, a deck is also a viable option. Such outdoor space adds more fun to summers but never asks much in return.

Think About Vertical Planting

Add some life to your garden walls or fences. Vertical plantation allows a small garden to flourish and also reduces maintenance time to a large extent. Some wall hanging pots will do the trick and make your garden attractive.

Think About Vertical Planting

You can also use the hanging pots to decorate a balcony or any outdoor space. Such small low maintenance gardens can accommodate multiple small plants without sacrificing any ground space.

Add Some Containers to Your Garden

Apart from hanging plant baskets, patio pots and window boxes can also add a new style to your garden. Containers are perfect when you are working on a low maintenance small garden design.

Add Some Containers to Your Garden

There is a wide range of plants and flowers that can grow in pots. So, you don’t have to allot a large space for them. 

Give a Natural Look to the Borders

Do you love flowers? But, you don’t have enough time for their maintenance. Then, you should try a wild technique. The garden borders will look beautiful with grasses and some flowers. Once ready, pollinators will love the arrangement.

Plant some easy to manage perennials like Achillea, Salvias or Echinacea. These flowers need a single pruning session at the end of the season. As an alternate, you can also throw a handful of wildflower meadows towards the boundaries.

Final talk

No matter a garden is small or big, it can breathe new life into your house. Now you know some low maintenance garden ideas UK, which allows you to make the most out of a small space. After following the above-mentioned tips, you can nourish your small forest without huge efforts.

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