How Much Should You Spend On A Lawn Mower?

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Considering the price range while purchasing a lawnmower is a bright idea. Determining a budget will filter all the options that you don’t want to check. Paying more cannot guarantee that the lawn tool is perfect for your garden. Similarly, a cheap model might not offer satisfactory cutting results. So, consider several factors before deciding how much should you spend on a lawnmower? Read further to know the points that you should consider.

How Much Should You Spend On A Lawn Mower?

Do you know the average life of a lawnmower? Its 8 to 10 years under normal working conditions. However, the same life period cannot be stated for a low-quality model because its internal components might start asking for repairs early or stop working after a few years of regular usage.

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Consider comparing a 100 pounds model with another variant available at 200 pounds and you will understand the differences. Paying £100 less initially look attractive, but a cheaply made mower might need replacement and repair costs. What could be the possible results?

You will end up paying more instead of saving. Hence, we recommend that you invest in a durable mower available at a reasonable price.

Apart from the built quality, you need to consider the cutting power. Keep in mind that powerful mowers are expensive. So, what is the right amount to invest? Let’s break down to make it more helpful for you.

Any of the mowers above £400 is top-notch in terms of power and cutting performance. At this price range, you will generally find petrol propelled mowers with a long-lasting engine and higher cutting width. You will also find high-quality electric variants at this price range.

Most of the models available between £200 to £400 are either petrol propelled or cordless. Do not expect the overall cutting performance to be as incredible as the expensive mowers. However, you still have some solid options like Greenworks G40LM41K2X.

Expect average cutting performance if you are looking for a budget-friendly lawn maintenance tool within £100 to £200. You will not miss features like grass collection or height adjustment, but mulching might not be available in all the models available within this price range.

Buying anything below £100 is not recommended because mowers available at this price range might offer poor cutting results. Ease of use and manoeuvrability could some other problems. Plus, some of the entry-level models do not offer a central lever for height adjustment. Instead, you need to remove its blade and add spacers to change the cutting height.


We cannot complete the price discussion without calculating the overall value of a mower. Suppose a feature or function can keep you comfortable and convenient, but it’s only available in an expensive model. Then, it’s feasible to go for the product.

For instance, you can consider an electric start. Not all of us are ready to pull the rope multiple times to start a petrol engine. So, spending some extra amount is beneficial in such a condition.

In other words, you can spend some extra money if that brings you some added comfort or brings down the stress level. It applies to all the products you buy. Remember the same when you choose a mower.

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