How Does Robotic Lawn Mower Work?

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

Robotic lawn mowers make life so easy for us. With them, no gardener or garden owner has to go through the stress of mowing their lawn themselves. You will even be surprised that these robots perform the job better than you, and they don’t even need any help from you to do so.

So, aren’t you curious? How do these robots manage to work on their own? Lucky you, the answer to this question is what we’ve provided here. Why don’t you relax and get enlightened?

How Does Robotic Lawn Mower Work

6. Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set, Robotic LawnmowerPrimarily, the unique operational model of a robot mower can be linked to three different attributes. First, its navigation system, then its charging system and its cutting system.

To get a better understanding of how a robot mower works, you must first become familiar with these three factors.

These factors are common to all robot mowers, irrespective of their type or brand. There may be some alterations, though, but most models are usually alike.

Nevertheless, you should learn all about these aspects because you’ll be able to choose a great robot mower with knowledge. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be able to compare mowers better.

Charging System

It’s not surprising that a robot mower comes with a charger; after all, most electrical gadgets do. However, a robot lawnmower’s charger is unique.

They come with their docking station, which allows them to charge themselves. This means there’s no need for you to plug your robot for charging.

Immediately your mower’s power starts running low while it is working, the robot will find its way to the dock station where it will recharge.

Once it gets a fully charged battery, the robot will go to the exact place it was and continue working from where it left off. Remember, all these will be done without your input.

You need not worry that your robot will get lost on the way to the station. The station will be connected to the perimeter wire, and this will once again guide the mower.

Navigation System

Your robot mower cannot drive around your lawn without some guidance. However, this guidance will not come from you, but a wire. Now, you must be wondering why a wire? Here’s an explanation.

Before a robomower can work on its own, it needs to get an idea of what your lawn looks like and store it in its memory system.

So, using a wire, you will section off certain areas of your lawn that you don’t want the mower to get to. Most people would section off the flowers, plants, beds, trees, and the edges of the lawn.

Once the wire is used to mark out the essential areas, it will act as an invisible fence which sends out electrical signals to the robot mower and helps it to map out your lawn. With this information, the mower calculates the route it needs to follow when cleaning.

Peradventure the mower runs into an obstacle while cleaning, the machine will use its sensors to deal with the obstacle.

The sensors tell the mower to not continue on the same path; then the mower will stop, recalculate, and change its course. This way, no one will be hurt, and the machine won’t get destroyed.

So you see, it’s that simple. Robomowers move around your lawn through the help and guidance of an invisible wire fence. While moving, the machine activates its sensors and uses them to avoid obstacles.

Cutting System

The cutting system of a robot lawnmower is also peculiar. While most electric mowers are built to cut long pieces of grass to avoid mowing regularly, a robomower brings a more practical approach.

Unlike other electric mowers, robot lawn mowers are programmed to take off tiny little clippings instead of long grasses. Though the effect of this is not easily noticed, it is a very effective way to control grass.

As the machine cuts little clipping, which falls to the bottom of the soil, the grass decomposes, and they become natural fertilizer.

They transfer nutrient to the soil, thus making new growth healthier and promoting better-looking lawn. So don’t be surprised if you noticed that your lawn is looking greener and fuller after using this robotic machine.

Bottom Line

Now, you have a fundamental understanding of how a robot mower operates. The next time you see your robot lawnmower, you don’t think it works magically. Robot lawnmowers are incredible machines, and the conventional push mowers cannot be compared to them. If you haven’t got one yet, maybe it’s time you did.


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