How Can I Make My Lawn Mower Faster?

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

A riding mower is fast and powerful, but covering a large area filled with long grasses and weeds can be a tough mission. What is the right solution? Well, you can increase the speed of the mower and turn it into a fast-moving and high-performance machine. But, keep in mind that you need to be extra careful once you start riding a racing mower. So, coming back to your question; how can I make my lawn faster? It’s what we will discuss today. Let’s roll.

How Can I Make My Lawn Mower Faster?

Air Filter:

Air Filter

Clean the mower’s air filter regularly. A dusted filter with too much dirt and accumulated debris will slow down the mower. The power supply of the mower might be interrupted as well in case its filter is dirty. Keep these points in mind and clean the filter, so that it can offer more thrust. In case you cannot clean the filter after the mower is used for a few years, then replace it.

Engine Oil:

type wise engine oil

Treat the mower’s engine in the same way as you take care of your car. Change the engine oil of your mower regularly to facilitate smooth blade movement. Just add any of the oils to your engine is not right. You need to find an appropriate oil that can work perfectly with the mower.



As an experienced gardener you might know that the governor adjusts the fuel flow to the mower’s engine. In other words, it decides the maximum speed limit, so that the machine does not run surpassing your controlling abilities. Plus, this component also ensures that the engine cannot over-consume petrol.

Governor mechanism

To improve the speed, you need to reduce the length of a spring attached to the governor. This spring works as a fuel regulator. In case reducing its length is not effective enough, you can take out the spring.

Engine Pulley:

Engine Pulley

Lawnmowers comes with an engine pulley and you can make the ride faster simply by changing the size of this pulley. Yes, you can apply this method only to the mowers that come with two engine pulleys. One of them is connected with the engine while another is located at the rear is connected with the crankshaft. You need to increase the size of both the pulleys to change the speed of the mower.


Other Tips to Make Your Lawn Mower Faster

  • Remove all the bolts from the engine’s hood. It will maximize the airflow and hence, the speed of the lawnmower will automatically increase.
  • Check the muffler and make sure there are cracks or holes. A damaged muffler will never allow a mower to work at high speeds.
  • Make sure that the blades are super sharp. So that the mower can move around without any resistance. Plus, sharp edges will also prevent double passing the same paths.


You can enjoy multiple benefits from a fast lawnmower. First and foremost, you can cover a large area without wasting much time, even if the grasses are longer. We hope that the above-mentioned tips can be helpful to make your mower faster and you can enjoy all the benefits.

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