Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside UK Reviews 2024

Last Updated on December 14, 2023

If you are interested to know the best garden furniture in the UK, then let’s discuss some of the best garden furniture to leave outside. After taking some useful insights from the given reviews, you can make a smart investment that will see many more summers with you.

You should choose durable and functional furniture for your garden. With the right accessories and structures, it can be your favourite place to hang out. So, choose something durable, even if you need a pay a bit extra. Built materials are the primary components that decide the life of garden furniture. Some of them stand tall in any weather and gives you a long-lasting sitting or resting solution among the greens.

Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside UK 2024

Evre Rattan Outdoor
  • Low maintenance
  • Dirt, water and weather
  • Harts Premium Round Rattan
  • Weather Proof
  • Long Lasting
  • TecTake rattan aluminium
  • Weatherproof
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Mayfair Athens 6 Seater
  • Weatherproof
  • UV light Resistant
  • Strong Rust Proof
  • Plant Theatre Lutyens
  • Hardwood Acacia made
  • Easy assembly
  • RayGar Deluxe 9 Piece
  • Low maintenance
  • Weatherproof
  • UV light resistant Table
  • Evre Rattan Garden Furniture
  • Hand-Washable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Showerproof cover
  • Festnight Rattan Garden
  • weather-resistant
  • waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Grey Rattan 6 Piece
  • Durable all-weather
  • Super easy to wipe clean
  • HECTARE Hadleigh 6 Seater
  • Extremely durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Buying Guide of The Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside

    Buying the best garden furniture to leave outside can tie knots in your mind. You may need it during summers, but it might remain untouched over the winters. It makes you think over the right build quality and a suitable budget. The primary idea is to look for a built material that can pass the test of time. Let’s take a look at some other factors that will help you to select garden furniture according to your requirements.

    What should be the design and construction?

    You might have some opinions about the appearance of garden furniture. However, the primary step is to choose a structure that’s built with weather-resistant materials. Wooden furniture pieces are great, but some of them seek high maintenance. On the other hand, poly rattan maintains its shine even after years of regular usage outside the house.

    What is your preferred size for garden furniture?

    Think about the size when you are looking for outdoor garden furniture. Choose a lightweight option, so that you can easily move it around without much banging. If you own a small garden, then a set comprising a couple of comfortable garden chairs and table. In case you need to entertain a large family, then a big table with multiple chairs could be better.

    Do you need any extra functionalities?

    In case of a large garden, you are free to choose any of the all weather garden furniture. On the other hand, you need space-saving garden furniture inside a small or medium-sized garden. So, you might try stackable or foldable chairs. There are multiple furniture sets wherein the chairs hide within an included table.

    How much time did you get?

    The purchase decision should depend upon the time and effort you can invest in a piece of furniture. If you have plenty of time, then try a wooden or metal furniture piece. On the other hand, if you cannot care much for the pieces than look for rattan, poly rattan or plastic made variants that you can leave outside all year round.

    Some of the garden furniture sets included cushions as well as their covers. Make sure that the covers are removable and washable so that you don’t have to spend much time on their maintenance.

    Other factors to consider

    Some of the furniture sets are available with a parasol, which is helpful when the sun moves around the garden. But, the sun is not the only factor outdoors. A parasol also protects you and other users from sudden rain. So, you might want to look for such a component in a furniture set that will not only give you extra protection but also add some luxury to the garden.

    After reading the garden furniture reviews, it’s easy to understand that they are available at different price ranges. So, try to set a budget even before you start searching for all year round garden furniture pieces. Setting the price range will filter the options so that you can choose a suitable option.

    Best Garden Furniture UK Reviews


    1. Milosz Round Garden Furniture


    Milsoz garden furniture set includes four chairs and a table. Constructed with high-quality wood, the set is stylish as well as durable. Whether you need a piece of unusual garden furniture or a sitting solution in a patio, it fits in both the situations. You might not be able to find something with such low price tag, but high quality and weatherproof built.

    Entirely made of wood, the chairs are suitable for your kids and small to medium-sized users. Unlike other options on this list, this one does not have any cushion nor you can add any such thing to these chairs. On the beneficial side, all the chairs are foldable and hence you can easily store them.

    Apart from the garden, you can also use this furniture set in the patio, guest room, or terrace. Due to wooden appearance, the furniture set mixes well with your garden. The set can also be a great sitting solution at for quick evening breakfasts. If you are a professional, you might try the set in front of the cottages, café or restaurant. It might do wonders in front tent houses, because of a rugged appearance. The wooden pieces maintain the same shine and smoothness due to a sturdy built for many more years to come.

    The only problem you might face with this product is its delivery. There are multiple states of Europe wherein the set is not available. Assembly options are present if you want to choose it separately. Once ready, you will notice that the table has a diameter of 110 cm, which is sufficient for eatables, drinks and quick brunches.


    • High quality built available at an affordable price
    • Durable and stylish built suitable for medium-sized users
    • Comes with assembly service.


    • Only suitable for small to medium-sized users.


    2. Evre Rattan Best Outdoor Furniture

    Evre Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture

    Are you looking for durable and high quality accessories for your garden? Take a closer look at today’s fourth recommendation that might take your heart away. The four-seater California sofa set is weather-resistant and hence none of the external elements can make any scar on its body. No matter it has to deal with rain, snow, or frost, the outdoor garden furniture stands tall in your kitchen for many more seasons to come.

    The four-seater patio furniture comes with one two-seater sofa, two stools and a glass coffee table. All the pieces are spacious and hence suitable for any of your family members or friends. Seven removable and washable polyester cushions provide you with the required comfort. All these cushions have a zippered cover that makes the maintenance even easier. Due to a stylish colour combination of brown and cream, the pieces look fabulous with others and adds elegance to your garden.

    You will like that fact that this sofa set seeks minimal maintenance. Wipe it regularly with a wet cloth every and I will maintain its best appearance. If you want the set to look like new, then we recommend you to invest on a cover.

    The product comes with easy to understand instructions and hence you can configure all its components without wasting much time. Evre outdoor garden furniture is primarily built with poly rattan, which is a lightweight material. Hence, you can easily move the coffee table or other pieces very easily in the garden or patio.


    • Durable and weather-resistant
    • Seeks minimal maintenance
    • Easy to configure
    • Lightweight and hence easy to shift.


    • Single-handed assembly could be time taking and tough, especially for newcomers.


    3. TecTake Rattan Best Value Garden Furniture

    TecTake rattan aluminium garden furniture sofa set

    TecTake garden furniture set comprises two armchairs, two corner armchairs, one lounge chair, and a table with glass top. As you can see, the package contains various elements that you can arrange anywhere according to the requirements. Mounting materials and instructions manual is also included with the set so that you don’t have to waste much time configuring included pieces.

    The furniture set is primarily made of poly rattan. However, all the pieces have aluminium made bases fixed with stainless steel screws. There are eleven cushions with polyester covers. All the cushions are 10 cm thick, which simply means that you will get the required comfort. There is another set of covers and two extra pillows for your convenience. So, you can use either beige or grey covers with the black chairs.

    The included glass-covered table needs a special mention because it’s the centre of everything. Whether you need to serve some drinks for your guests or you are having some evening breakfast, it has all the space and style you want. Similar to the covers, the table and other parts are also easy to maintain or clean.

    As all the pieces of this furniture set look great at any environment and hence you can use them at multiple places apart from the garden. A large balcony or patio could the best places wherein you can utilize these elegant structures. Made of weatherproof and UV resistant materials, none of the components will lose its shine over time. However, we recommended you to use a protection cover that will extend its life and save the pieces from unwanted discolouration.


    • Rust free and weather-resistant construction
    • High quality built offered in a modern design
    • Suitable for multiple areas and backgrounds
    • Thick and soft cushions for optimum comfort
    • Two sets of covers included.


    • Cushions are medium-firm, which might not suit all the users.


    4. Mayfair Athens 6 Seater Small Garden Table And Chairs

    Mayfair Athens 6 Seater Rectangular Rattan Dining Set

    If you need stylish weatherproof garden furniture that can add luxury to your property, then the Athens dining set could be the right choice. This set has six elegant chairs and one large centre table. So, it’s a suitable product for medium and large families. Apart from the garden, you can also use the dining set in conservatories. If you are a professional, try this contemporary garden furniture at your restaurant or café.

    All the pieces of this set have aluminium frames covered with half-moon styled rattan. It’s the reason why the chairs keep you comfortable at all the positions. Moreover, there are cushions at the seat and back of all the chairs. All the cushions have removable and washable covers. However, manufacturers recommend only hand wash.

    Now, let’s talk about a component that would deal with all your food items and drinks; the glass table. Made with a similar pattern using aluminium and half-moon rattan, it’s a stable that has sufficient space for all your eatables and other items. It’s clear tempered glass adds to the style and easy to clean. All the chairs and table are lightweight, because of the aluminium construction. Hence, you can easily move them around without any hassle.

    The set is constructed using high quality and weatherproof materials. The aluminium frames have a warranty of five years, which will give you some peace of mind for the future. However, we recommend that you store its components inside the house overnight, which will add many years to its life while maintaining the new shine.


    • High-quality weatherproof built
    • Rustproof aluminium frame and added longevity
    • Thick and comfortable cushions
    • Strong tempered glass table.


    • Expensive.


    5. Plant Theatre Lutyens Hardwood Garden Bench

    Plant Theatre Lutyens Hardwood Garden Bench

    Plant Theatre Lutyens is one of the best garden furniture pieces that you can utilize to rest in after a long day. Made of Hardwood Acacia, the garden bench is durable as well as environmentally friendly. It appears solid, has a smooth surface and hence enhances the appearance of any garden or lawn.

    Lutyens gets delivered in a flat form factor. It comes with installation instructions, which makes your job easy and fast. Once ready, you will notice its timeless beauty, luxury and nature to withstand multiple weather elements to many more years to come. Oiled, stained and gently rubbed, the bench has a stunning appearance that attracts everyone. Teak oil application on the bench is recommended for added protection from external factors.

    High quality built, stylish and comfortable; looks like Lutyens has all the features to enter your garden. Talking about the dimensions, its 131 cm long, 45 cm wide and 88 cm tall. After looking at the measurements, it’s easy to understand that this garden bench can easily accommodate all the users. If you want to spend a long time in the evening, you can also arrange a stool in front of this bench.

    If you need a perfect place to sit down and admire nature, then you might not overlook the stylish garden bench from Plant Theatre. It’s affordable and suits the outdoor garden very well due to the wooden built. Invest on a separately available cushion, if you want added comfort.


    • Eco friendly and sustainable built
    • Attractive and stunning appearance
    • Easy to assemble
    • Affordable product
    • Durable and weatherproof.


    • Some of the users struggle while setting up the bench.


    6. Harts Premium Round Rattan Dining Set

    Harts Premium Round Rattan Dining Set with 6 chairs

    Harts Premium dining set is one of the best garden furniture to leave outside. Its stylish design can change the appearance of your property and make it even more luxurious. Six chairs are comfortable, spacious and lightweight. So, you can easily shift them from patio to garden and vice versa.

    Made of durable aluminium frame and weatherproof PE rattan, the dining set remains fade-free all its life. What’s more? It never seeks much maintenance. Now, let’s see what are you getting as a set here? As we stated earlier, there are six rattan made chairs and a 5mm glass table with a diameter of 1.3m. Six seats simply mean that all the family members can gather and enjoy with each other. All these chairs have high back, means there will be no loss comfort at any position.

    If there is one thing wherein the round rattan dining set excels and stands on top is the comfort it offers. The set comes with six high-quality cushions with a width of 5 cm. These cushions are not only plush and luxurious but are also built with waterproof piping for long-lasting assistance. Moreover, the cushions are removable as well as washable, which becomes helpful to maintain the set.

    The dining set is a great space saver because of its round shape. Due to its design, you can place it anywhere according to the requirements. If you are looking for something that can make your garden even more entertaining, then you might stop the search here.


    • Built of weatherproof materials
    • Seeks minimal assembly
    • Includes comfortable and washable cushions
    • Suitable for outdoors as well as indoor usage.


    • Chairs are not foldable.


    7. RayGar Deluxe 9 Piece-Best Garden Furniture

    RayGar Deluxe 9 Piece 8 Seater Rattan Cube Dining Table

    Made of poly rattan, the 9-piece Cube dining table is easy to maintain and clean. Assembly instructions come with the product and hence you can set all the pieces in your garden without spending much time. Built with weatherproof and UV resistant rattan, the set is durable and withstands all the external factors without looking for hideouts.

    The dining tablet comes with 4 flip back chair, 4 footstools, and a table with black tempered glass top. All the chairs and stools come with one cushion each. So, there are eight of them with removable cram covers. All the cushions are 5 cm thick and keep the user comfortable. You will not find a rattan cover with the set. However, if you want to add some years to its life, then we recommend you to keep it covered when not in use.

    What could be the most interesting factor in this outdoor dining set? Well, you can fold up the set into a compact and neat looking cube. All the four deluxe back chairs and table come together to give you a space-saving form factor, which is also helpful when it’s raining or snowing.

    This beautiful sitting solution could be a perfect hangout place for your family members, especially on the weekends. Apart from a garden, you can also use it in the patio and even a dining room when required. Its standard grey and the cream colour scheme matches with all the interior decoration and mixes well with surrounding furniture pieces.


    • Built of weatherproof and UV resistant rattan
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • Spacious and comfortable for all the users
    • Removable and washable covers
    • Folds as a stylish cube when not in use.


    • Cannot be delivered to all the regions of Europe.


    8. Evre Rattan Garden Furniture To Leave Outside

    Evre Rattan Garden Furniture Set

    Evre garden furniture set comes with two comfortable chairs, one two-seater sofa, and a coffee table. The chairs have dimensions of 47 x 47 cm, sofa worth 100 x 50 cm and the coffee table is 66 x 40 cm. After looking at the measurements, it’s easy to understand that all these pieces are spacious and keeps most of the users comfortable. Also, there are included cushions for the sofa as well as chairs that are extra thick and add to the comfort. All the cushions have removable covers that are showerproof as well as dust resistant.

    Manufactured with high-quality PE rattan, the set is durable and resistant from all the external elements including sun rays, water, dust and snow. The safety glass placed on the centre table adds to the style and overall luxury. All the pieces are low maintenance and you can easily clean them using a wet cloth.

    This 4-piece garden furniture set comes flat packed and hence, you need to assemble all of them one by one. You don’t have to worry because the package contains an easy to understand instructions manual. So, you can take some external help if required and it will be ready within few minutes. The furniture set is weatherproof, but we recommend you to purchase additional coverage to increase its life.

    All the pieces are certified and safe for most of the users. Contact the manufacturers in case you face any trouble at all. Evre is known to provide fast results so that you can use all their products without any downtime.


    • High quality and affordable outdoor product
    • Includes cushions with washable covers
    • Weather-resistant and long-lasting
    • Easy to assemble.


    • Some of the users’ states that it was difficult to assemble.


    9. Festnight Rattan Garden Furniture Set

    Festnight Rattan Garden Furniture Set Lounge Corner Sofa and Table

    If you are looking for the best garden furniture, then try today’s first recommendation that comes from the house of Festnight. This five-piece furniture set stands at the top because of its high quality built and weather-resistant nature. Its powder-coated steel frame and PE rattan built easily withstand external elements without any hassle.

    One of the exciting features of the furniture set is its highly comfortable cushions that are made of 100 per cent polymer. Due to thick foaming, the included chairs gives you a luxurious sitting arrangement for your family members or guests. It comes with dual cushions for each sitting position, which adds to the overall comfort. Apart from the garden, the set is also suitable for guest’s rooms, lounge or patio.

    This garden furniture has a black appearance that suits most of the standard gardens and adds elegance to any of them. Suitable for regular use, the product is also easy to clean. This furniture set is indeed weather resistant. However, if you want to keep it safe for a long time, then we recommend keeping it covered (especially when it’s raining or snowing).

    Overall, the rattan made garden furniture set by Festnight is stylish, functional and can be the focal point of garden, lounge or patio. You can use the set outdoors all year round and it will keep performing without any complaints. Homeowners with previous furniture assembling experience can easily configure the included items. You can hire an external professional to avoid any unwanted mess.


    • Includes a stylish table made of glass and rattan
    • Comes with a stylish appearance to suit all the outdoor setting
    • Suitable for large families and high volume
    • Comfortable cushions that are also easy to wash.


    • Comparatively expensive.


    10. Fortrose Grey Rattan 6 Piece Cube Garden Furniture Dining Set

    Grey Rattan 6 Piece Cube Garden Furniture Dining Set

    Whether you want to enjoy Saturday evenings with your friends or you simply need a place to spend some quality time with your family members, the Fortrose dining set is a considerable option. It has everything that you need to change the appearance of your garden or any other outdoor space.

    Due to four chairs and spacious square-shaped table, the set is suitable for small to medium-sized families. Moreover, it also includes a massive parasol that protects you all from unexpected rain or sun rays. The dining set is constructed using synthetic materials that are woven to mimic natural rattan. This synthetic rattan is highly durable, weather-resistant and easily withstands exposure to UV rays. Moreover, this version of rattan is also mould proof. These are the reasons why it’s one of the best outdoor furniture for British gardens.

    All the chairs have cushions with removable cream covers. Its parasol has a separate cover for secure storage. All these coverings are washable and hence, you can refresh them very easily. Due to a grey and cream colour scheme, the dining set mixes well with the surrounding. Once you are done with a family meeting, it stores within its table forming a stylish cube. Hence, the storage does not rake many places. Plus, none of the outsiders would understand that this neat looking cube contains all the components that can make your weekends even more joyful.


    • Made of long-lasting and weather-resistant synthetic rattan
    • Includes cushions with removal cover
    • Also comes with a parasol for protection from sun rays and rain
    • The table has a clear tempered glass that’s easy to wipe.


    • Cushions are not thick enough for some of the users.


    11. Hectare Hadleigh 6 Seater- All Weather Garden Furniture UK

    HECTARE Hadleigh 6 Seater Garden Patio Dining Furniture Set

    Hectare Hadleigh dining set is the best value garden furniture that comes at an affordable price tag. Built to suit British gardens and patios, the dining furniture set includes six chairs, one table and a parasol. All the pieces of this have a powder-coated steel construction finished in black. Hence, the structures are durable, weather-resistant and stand well against all the external elements. Moreover, the product is built according to the BS5852 UK Fire Regulation standards and hence, it’s flame resistant.

    All the chairs are decorated with 7cm thick cushions that are finished with polyester covers. These cushions also come with extra hollow fibre fillings for extra comfort. Moreover, all the cushions are reversible with one side of grey strips and classic ivory on another. The chairs are not foldable, but stackable. So, you need to remove the cushions and stack them for an easy as well as secure storage.

    Finally, the furniture set has a parasol with 6 feet 10 inches long pole with a crank. This crank is responsible to open or close the canopy whenever required. It makes the set-up as well as storage easy and fast. The pole and all the frames are black, which matches with cushions to make your garden even more elegant. Installation might take time, but it’s not tough to install.

    If you have a budget of more than £400, then there are chances that Hadleigh furniture set could be the right choice. Assembly might be tough for some users, but it’s straightforward and there is also an instructions manual for better assistance.


    • A rare mix of tradition and modern styles
    • Thick and comfortable cushions
    • Stylish and cost-effective product
    • Parasol is an added advantage.


    • Chairs cannot be folded, only stacked
    • Require some extra time for assembly.


    Final Verdict

    Enjoying the summers in garden relieves your mind and body. It’s the reason every gardener needs a hassle-free outdoor sitting solution. We hope that this guide will be helpful while you choose the best garden furniture to leave outside. We suggest you invest in a sturdy, weatherproof, and lightweight option so that it can withstand the test of time. Plus, you can easily shift its location whenever required. Try any of the recommendations that we mentioned above according to your lifestyle and requirements.


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