How To Use Hedge Trimmer – The 8 Tips You Need To Know

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

While you’re watering the flowers in your garden and cutting off all branches that are getting dangerously low, you must not neglect your hedges. Keeping them always reshaped and trimmed should be a top priority where your garden is concerned.

Of course, it is because of this that we have hedge trimmers, and we should know how to use hedge trimmer. With this tool, one can easily design one’s hedges to be more sophisticated and appealing. There are several kinds of trimmers, though you can choose to buy an electric hedge trimmer, a battery-powered trimmer or a gas hedge trimmer. Though they serve the same purpose, these trimmers are used and maintained in different ways.

We have put together the necessary tips for using this tool.

8 Basics Tips for How to Use Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is not a complicated tool to use. Even so, there are some basic guidelines that you need to know before you set out to use it. If you apply these tips, your job will be made much more comfortable and safer.

  • Before you trim, make sure to examine the shape of your hedge. Usually, your trimmer should have an inward slope at the top. This slope helps the base of the hedge to support itself better.
  • Make the groundwork ready before starting. In other words, lay tarpaulins on the ground and move it along as you trim. What the tarpaulin does is protect and catch the trimmings as you cut.
  • Always ensure that you lubricate your trimmer before use. The machine functions very much like scissors, and without proper lubrication, it may not provide the desired results. You can use spray oil or grease.
  • Make sure to always hold the blade of the machine as far as possible from you, irrespective of whether the trimmer is on or off. Always stand directly behind the tool’s blade and never have it facing you.
  • Always start from the bottom of the hedge and work your way upwards slowly and steadily. Never force your way through the bush you’re cutting as this can ruin your trimmer or harm you.
  • It is better to trim new growth by going over the hedge in smooth straight motions. Thicker and old growth can be tackled by sawing through the branches. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to trim to achieve a straight hedge, weave a rope along with the leaves. This will serve as a guideline while you cut.
  • Dispose of hedge trimming on the tarpaulin once it is full. You could either drag it to a compost heap or bundle it into a wheelbarrow and wheel away for proper disposal.
  • Take periodic breaks while trimming. This way, your machine will not overheat.

Tips for Using an Electric Hedge Trimmer


Electric hedge trimmers have cords and can, therefore, be connected to an electric outlet. With this, the machine will have unlimited time to function because it has an infinite source of power. However, the cord can be discouraging too. It can limit your reach, especially when you have a large area to work on. Here are the essential things you should ensure before you start using your electric trimmer.

  1. The electric trimmer may require some getting used to because you’re going to have a cord trailing behind you. You have to be careful with the wire and make sure that it’s far from the blade. Also, ensure that you have the cord behind you every time.
  2. Remember that you’ll experience some limitations with the cord. Never pull the machine too far, or the plug might come off the outlet. Note how long your cord is before plugging it in and if you discover that it isn’t long enough, get an extension wire.
  3. Turn your trimmer off and unplug it once you’re done trimming. Someone could accidentally turn the machine on again if you leave it plugged.

Tips for Using Gas Hedge Trimmers


When it comes to gas trimmers, there are not that many guidelines to adhere to. You only need to have a good understanding of the fuel system, and you’ll be fine. This kind of trimmer doesn’t come with a cord that will limit your reach or complicate things as you work.

Of all hedge trimmers, gas trimmers are the strongest. They also need the most maintenance. It is vital that you ascertain whether your trimmer requires a mixture of oil and gas, only gas or any other specific fuel to function.

You must also always evaluate the fuel and make sure it is fresh. It isn’t ideal for letting gas sit in the gas tank after you’re done trimming, so make sure gas doesn’t remain in it. Layers of old oil or gas can easily clog the machine.

Tips for Using Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers also do not have cords. Instead, they come with batteries which serve as their power source. This kind of trimmer is excellent because it neither has a wire that requires extra care nor releases harmful fumes

Nevertheless, they still have some disadvantages. Their batteries don’t last as long as gas trimmers. They also don’t have as much power as the electric and gas trimmers. Here are some useful tips.

  1. Make sure your hedge trimmer is fuller charged before using it. Also, always remove the battery from the machine as soon as you finish using it.
  2. Never leave your battery to charge for too long. This can destroy it. Once you notice that it is fully charged, remove it and place it in a cool, dry and safe place.

Tips for Using Pole Hedge Trimmers


Pole hedge trimmers have many similarities with the other types of hedge trimmers. The pole trimmer is an extension and an improvement on all the other trimmers. The difference is simply that pole trimmers are designed to reach spots that are higher on larger bushes and hedges

Pole trimmers can be used to trim the ends of trees. If you choose to use the trimmer for this purpose, however, you need to wear protective gear and a pair of goggles to prevent dirt from harming you.


If you want to invest smartly in your garden, buy a high-quality hedge trimmer. Make sure that as you make your choice, you have your garden or lawn at the back of your mind. Choose one that will work best for you and your garden’s terrain. Also, maintain your trimmer appropriately so it will last.


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